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i dont think it looks gud if i say hi every time i write a blog(specially when i write 3 blogs on the same day) so i straight away get in to the matter Japan Quality This speaks a lot about the quality of Japanese  products and their standards:  They're still laughing about...


hi folks! this is not a blog that wants to hurt any indian but these are the things that most common things that are done in india by the people may be even it is done in other countries( or even worst) but as every one tries to compare them selves with the lifestyles of the americans these are...


hi folks! actually it was a very hard time trying to understand these girls the more u think about them the more complex they seem to be and the less u care about them they make you that curious so they are essential in our life but not compulsary so here is a small(indeed a very big)...


hi folks! i had a very gut feeling abt my guts untill i heared abt this guy who was a student of harvard university.This incident went to happen when his english lecturer gave him and his fellow classmates to write an essay on guts the essay was conducted for 100 marks which were going to be the...


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