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Cant wait to reach tirumala

Posted by Swaname | 14 Mar 2005, 11:48pm

It's been some 2 yrs that I have been to Tirumala Tirupati, Last time was I believe in July 2003. I always believed that I am indebted to the almighty for all I have received. I always got more than I can imagine, more than what a normal boy can get. I have had my share of good things and bad things in life and I believe that one has to pay for his deeds more in his present life than in his next birth. I far try to maintain displine in life, hope its balances everything. My ultimate goal might be to be a satisfied person who has no desires but only to serve people and give back to the community and mother earth. Nobel yes , how's it possible I don't know..but I'll try to one day ...
Back to Tirupati I first went to Tirumala ( Tirumala is the place where Lord Balaji's abot is. Lord Balaji is manifestation Lord Vekateshwara or Lord Vishnu who is presumed to be the most powerful God of Kaliyug,(Kaliyuga prathyaksha daivam).Lord balaji is promised other devata's that this avathara is meant for people in kaliyuga ,as kaliyuga is said to be the time when human lives with too much of adharma and commit sins . HIS temple in tirumala is the Richest temple in the world .
For first time i've set foot on the seven hills I was mesmerised but the sanctity of the place and divinity of nature. Me being a proper city goer never have ever seen such a beautiful place ever in my life, full of hills and valleys, greenary and water spots..Thats the closest to nature I thought I could ever get . Then in 2001 I had my 1st toncture to Lord Balaji, 2nd time went I hadn't had it.
My 2003 visit...
This is a snap from Aler which is the last stop before embarking the seven sacred hills..

This time in 2005 I am planning to have one, I am thankful to Almighty in my senses. I truly dedicate anything in me to him wholy, and sincerly hope I'll die by his name.
I truly want to be there again and again be at his service always ....

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What am I doing

Posted by Swaname | 14 Mar 2005, 10:50pm

5 more days left for my year end at IIM K, 3 subjects are already through and 5 more left. Tomorrow is Enivronmental management. Gosh and today we had financial Mangement and HRM submission. I got a confession to make and also I am starting to wonder, where am I ultimately heading. Huge huge reasons, firstly I m free riding almost all of group projects why I don't know. Secondly I m totally low on motivation and energy and totally off- track.
Free riding in HRM,EM totally I didn't even know wat went on..MR is ok but major part I've free ridded that's very very bad considering the fact that I am gonna do my summer project based on MR. I am too tired these days don't know what happened to those enthu levels which I used to have, Today I was trying to enter my e-banking site and I wasn't able to do so..reason being that I forgot my login...Gosh I can't believe wats happening. Lack of focus nd ambition. What am I suffering from?? I need to be highly proactive and thrusting and highly initiative at my age and kind of profession I m going to get in. Cases these I am not reading lack of concentration if more pages are there to be read. I need some support from somewhere I need some direction, some path to walk, I need to be positive in life, grow and start aiming higher. Work hard achieve and not just be content with what I have.....
Cheer me up ....
I need every possible bit of motivation

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The Big P process..P for Pain P for Pleasure P for Pain on campus

Posted by Swaname | 13 Mar 2005, 10:10pm

The placement process started in the second year of our MBA. A committee of students, known as the placement committee, and an institute counterpart jointly approached various companies to invite their participation.

All participating companies were asked to organise a pre-placement talk where they spoke about their work, policies, past performance and salaries. Students in general didn

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