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6 May 2004

Another day in Paradise

Posted by Just a little unwell in Personal | 12:19am

When you dunno what to write about, these song titles come very handy :) Well, the thought at the back of my mind when I sat down to write was about the utter meaninglessness of all these things around.

Every morning newspaper which gets stacked without being read, every meal that's become an ordeal, every 8-9hrs shi(f)t at work, every unexciting weekend, every monotonous neighborhood, every cup of tea that tastes exactly like the previous one, every knock at the door (must be some bill collector or salesperson), every spam mail that gets into my inbox, every vehicle on the road which overtakes me or which I overtake, every face on the street, every hoarding that competes for my attention, every leader's promises and manifestos (that invariably go unfulfilled), every opinion that's floated around,  every ray of sun / moon / stars / light, every cloud, every drop of rain, every fragrance of every flower in the vicinity, every dog's bark, every night's sleep (when it finally decides to engulf) leading to another day of drudgery........ I wonder what's the point in all these. I've seen these enough and would like to move on. Taking refuge in PF's words again:

I've got a strong urge to fly
But I got nowhere to fly to

I laugh at the thought of making life more interesting. Challenges? I'm already challenged, so pls excuse me :) Peace? It's already a graveyard shift here and it can't get more peaceful. Maybe what I need is a calamity.

PS - After an hour of racking my brain, I'm glad I could come up with a post and convey something. Yes, a sense of accomplishment - probably, that's what you, me and everyone needs......

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