The lizard dance

The fears, the dances, the exotica.

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Reason, gives in to longing season by season.

And now!

And now, they have started deleting my blog entries, what the fuck is this world coming to? Maybe its time to shift base camps. good bye fullhyd!

Ode to the unremembered

It always takes a genius to feel dumb like the ocean at neap tide haywire and numb I salute thee, my friend for the few moments of childish conversations, bubbling words, of bus rides to dawn, happy never ending, thoughts in myraid dimensions. As said Nietzsche,...

Waterlogged hope

Anger, like a red paint spilled over fields ever-green, of happy talk. Broken, into dark smooth curves of charcoal trails of tears of sadness in the farmers eyes by thunderstorms before the harvest hour.

say what?

How many lifes would it take to get used to living? ________________________________________________________ "You got to let go of what you love it will come back to you if it really belongs to you". Oh Buddha, how does this fit in with your teachings that nothing you own actually...


Breathe-breed-breathe dig holes-erect poles kill a few tigers, fix satellites, fly kites make them go poo-poo round and round, around us. Switch on your television, bitch about commercialisation Breathe-breed-breathe Race you car at high speeds crash into the sleepy truck...

An ode to the king

Shining shining, the night is shining Tweaky tweaky, my life is turning. Imaginary friends all crawling into the cask with snakes and lovers Shining shining, the night is shining riding riding, my back is hurting. Distant drum beats and the ancient theatre screeching lions...

My Voice

I refuse to consider myself a part of Asia. The mighty Himalayas stand testimony to my decree; I was born a wanderer, thats my destiny. I call myself paradise, they call me Bharat.


Creeping vines Grapes and women vernalise in the winter cold. Dispassionate cold ugly winters of life.


Mythical evolution or progressive reincarnation? Where do I stand after my foot space subjugates my mother, my earth. ? genetic revolution utopian reserruction?


Alone, she sat there staring at the unknown, like the flower in her tresses drooping towards death with every shape the moon changes. Malignant, her thoughts were like a tropical hurricane, destroying everything beautiful, ecstatic; they built over the years. Teardrops...

countdown to a quarter century

Relish mortality like a bar of chocolate as as you bite into it. If chocolate here is replaced by coffee, it gets too stressful.

mind tunes

Its a sad feeling, I had it for months and I dont have it anymore!

Ramdom thoughts

Another day passed by, I created a few new tunes in my head, and made my soul dance to them. I probably should consult a bollywood choreographer to get the right effects. It was just a passing thought last night that it actually has been more then two months since I had given up on alcohol and a...

Laziness- my opinion

Whoever introduced the concept of abstract poetry, prose poems or to that matter any poetry must have been a really lazy person or someone with very little ink and paper that he had to cut short his expression of a thousand words into one verse, let alone his quest for fame and his worship of...
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