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Hyderabad galli cricket kadi nunchi tennis in DC

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bloggin doesn't mean one need to comeup with something everyday in his/her virtual space..personally, i believe its more like a medium to air ones views, thoughts, feelings that one might not be able to express in person..no human being will nor can ever express all his views in person...the...

Where is Equality???

Living in a foreign land one feels proud when the foreign press praises his country as "The greatest Democracy". Well, democracy is equality and no discrimination but looking back do we have that?? Reservations , Taxation policies ..nah these Democray then seems to be a mere word....

Shuru Ayyindi - The sojourn begins

Hmmm...first jab at blogs??? wondering why the procrastination in adapting them to capture the flow of thoughts??no worries..the start is important and everything will roll...where is the begining??? The wet afternoon on 19 Aug at King Koti hospital?? the dawn of 14 Aug when a...


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