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Category: General

first day

14 Dec, 2005 @ 5:47pm | General

hello every one this is me today here starting with this..owite learning ABC..of blogging ok dont expect more..start from what happened to day..9am chat wid sis abt last nite dread full night..10am-11am get ready,set n went to newlynn mall. withdrawn $300 oooooow for my damn dry hair..on what all my frend always complain abt this new yr ill have silky straight hair..better look n improvement.we can say it this way renovation of mah hair LOL..As I thought today it was boring.couldnt manage to do a survey.couldnt bothered.(c`mon no boys to flirt with me).i mean nobody to tlk to.ute is kool vry nice guy Shareef* as he calls himself. gujju okai i cant flirt with him..he a good feelings frm my side..neyways looking forward for my body renovations to start nxt yr properly..elders said that maintaing a Diary ot journal is a good habit..helps to improve a back to todays stuff. n ate dad droped me off at akis place we downloaded songs then spent $10 on kebabs thats rite guys im speakin budget here in thokka nz nothign else to do earn ass off n wil have no idea where money (lakshmi ma) goes i love u lakshmi ma stay with me-in me-near me-around me pleez..i will have to end with bads I did today are following..

woke up at 9am>didnt prayer>no pilates daamn>didnt read book>didnt couldnt ignore ute>no fair massage>rest all good

brush clean n set clothes for nxt day>wake up at 6>clean>pooja>Pilates>help>start the Wonderfull day :D

lets see where this takes me//

lol hold it waiting to watch crapest movie "kyon ki" wonder what im goin to do o myself after watchin the movie..I dint like roji uncle(25yrs old) kameena..said bye as if he have no reason to say anything..over acting..n ute cool dude lookin at me still looking. coudnt help it n left to his car..Aki is sweet made me say good bye asked me if its ok if they leave for another nite out n Smi big ass acted as if she cares abt may be she does but not as she said "are u sure u want us to go....." huh :s n finally i promise dat ill spend only 30min on my talent developing sessions (bloggin) everyday..


Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: running my computers buzz