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i want to be ...

Some things i want to change in myself..I have to really improve ..Let me list which i have to do and i wanted to do ... 1) My communication skills. 2) Time Management. 3) Learn Telugu. 4) Donate some money to sweekar. 5) Anger Management 6) Morning wake up at...


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Love is in the can feel it ...don't know whether you can feel it or not ...But somethings i can never understand ...Why it happens the way it happens?? Why ??? One Side: I love her ...I love her so much no body can imagine...I tried to think...

first blog

Everything which a person does for the first time is special my first ever blog...i always wondered why people write blogs ...who will read it, precisely who in this world has time to read what other people are thinking ...still i believe in the same thing the question is why am i...


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