My work on my world

and where it all grows, the great and mediocre not me a one of them, to be a humble hoper

Category: General

The NRI of a lesser God.

The Good ol

Lady love

just one kiss love to say goodbye my dear to leave me as so a woeful heart that heaves a sigh to have to see you go that my hand it does try to do to clutch yours once a last a heart so wishing it could be true reminscnig such beautiful a past to know your heart another...

Cutting the crap

Since time memorial, people have asked, whats wrong with the world, and prophets and philosophers have come up with answers (great ones no doubt),Yet i a simple person of no great credentials, attempt to answer that with whtever limited wisdom i have acquired. The world of today, as i believe...

A teenage woe


Victory of hope

The silence of the end looms over plain Their swords are down and their cause is vain As dead they are splattered with blood on ground They fought with valor but victory have not found The flags lay torn and desecrated in shame The flags they fought for in their king
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