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Category: Hyderabad!


Ariza | 26 June 2006, 1:34pm

The scooter in grey cut right across the road and turned up in front of the bike. The bike swerved in trying to avoid the scooter, skidded and scraped past the scooter throwing it down. Then it fell and still skidding came to halt at a little distance. The woman on the bike was underneath it while the man was thrown a little further. He collected himself and ran to help the woman with frightened concern.

"Are you all right? Oh my god are you all right? You!"he said turning to the man on the scooter in anger and was animated, but the woman had to be helped. Someone came up from the road and helped him lift the bike and all the while he kept asking with painful concern "Are you alright? Are you alright baby?" Someone noticed that his hand had started bleeding. The woman was in a shock. She was led away to the pavement holding  her hip. Her man wasnt going to let this go.

"You bastard. Cant you see you bastard!"

The man in the scooter had taken a fall but he had collected himself. He had been examing himself when the other walked up to him.

"What did you call me?"

"I called you a bastard!"

At this the other man jumped on him and we heard a whack but didnt see anything. There was already a crowd there but no one tried to help yet. Both of them rushed out of the crowd holding on to each other. The man on the bike still had his arm bleeding and he was trying to kick with his knee. But the other was stronger and he kept hitting him on the head. The bike-man was giving up, his upward thrusts of the knee were meek and he was loosing ground. The traffic came to a crowded halt. Some found a way through and didnt bother with the scene, others craned their heads over to see where the fight was, while still others parked their vehicles and started to watch.

A small crowd followed the men and the woman began to scream. Her man was getting it hard on the head and she was asking someone to stop them. We could see the strong blows the man was getting on his head. And then he gave in and fell to the ground. We saw the scooter-man, the one who had been reckless, scream something at him and get him in the stomach. Something else began to bleed. Someothers came in now and held onto the man and asked him to stop.

"Did you hear what he called me? You bastard. Your family bastard."

Someone suggested that the man on the ground needed to be rushed to the hospital. The scooter-man was looking at his scooter. He was looking to slip away. They lifted the bike-man on their shoulders. His woman stood shouting at the scooter-man. She got into the auto. Her man could barely walk and they brought him on shoulders to the auto. Someone slipped a key into his pocket and his hand was bleeding onto the road.

The scooter-man hadnt left. He had gotten brave. He came up to the auto and screamed at the couple: "Dont call me a bastard! That is what happens!"

Then something happened. The injured man in the auto  jumped out and swung his leg hard. We could see it from the pavement through the crowd. The blow landed between the other mans legs and we heard the sound it made. The man went down in a hurry.

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Ariza | 24 June 2006, 11:14am

It is a saturday again and the old beggar is here. He comes with his wife who sits on a wodden cart that runs on ball-bearings. You can hear them coming but we dont notice. He stands outside the gate and calls us out. The routine has been fixed long ago. First he calls for the customary "Amma!" And then he calls out "Babu?" I take out a five rupee coin and go out. He enquires about everyone. I say everyone is fine. He lifts his hand, thanks me and walks away. Behind him and through the gate I can see his wife grinning. She doesnt have good teeth.

I dont like him asking about my family. I am sure he doesnt know how many people are in it. He will come next saturday and I will give him another five-rupee coin. Then, I will not answer his question.

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Kudos to the Courts

Ariza | 22 June 2006, 12:44pm

The high court's squashinging of the ban on the Da Vinci Code was appropriate to say the least. What made it even better was the wording of the order where the court asked the government not to meddle with individual choices. I mean people have chosen to pay a fee to watch the movie! Those who percieve the movie as hurtful to thier sentiments are free to avoid it and free to protest against it. No one is taking that right away from them, but to intrude into my privacy and dictate what I can watch is ridiculous (I mean I can vote! Choose my own Government but need to be told what to watch?) And it is simply a movie!

I think this debate isnt disappearing in a hurry. But what is amusing to note is that with this book and movie Dan Brown jumps into a league of writers that includes James Joyce and Salman Rushdie, both of whom had their books banned for various reasons .(Ulysses was obscene and Satanic Verses was know) Brow, however, is nowhere close to either one of them as far as literary talents go. This additional publicity is only going to help him sell more books. It is a bad book and from what I hear a bad movie. (never-mind-the-cast)Now if only governments would leave it alone we could get over the curiousity of watching it and then forget it.

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Things I dont know about Hyderabad.

Ariza | 2 June 2006, 8:34pm

Things I don

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