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Do I belong to anybody

teja | 8 Jul 2006, 2:07pm
some words i need to keep
which i said to myself
i strive hard n harder
to live the life
as i want

everyday a new challenge
some pose questions
some answers forbidden

i look to myself
me is the same being
or a changed one

the blues of heaven
seem to call me
my heart keeps on beating
just for you

do i belong to anybody?

o o hold on
time to go now
but the mind factory
will go on churning n churning

till i survive.....

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Keith Urban - Ull think of me



teja | 7 Jul 2006, 12:54pm
Emily Dickinson wrote,

Current Mood: Gloomy
Current Music: Pearl Jam - Last Kiss