All-time Favourite Books

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy

One by Richard Bach

Illusions : Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach

Disclosure by Micheal Crichton

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Rilla of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Sphinx by Robin Cook

Coma by Robin Cook

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Joanne Kathleen Rowling

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Category: General

Campus Jottings

9 Oct, 2006 @ 2:01am | General

I just remembered that I'd forgotten to update you guys on the PG situation. I'm now a student at HCU (thats Hyderabad Central University to any morons who didn't already know) and more than halfway through my 1st semester. The place is beautiful - greenery all round, with a couple of lakes thrown in, and silence and solitude. And if you're lucky, you could spot some fauna too - peacocks, rabbits, snakes, dogs. Actually, you don't have to be lucky to spot the dogs, just take a ramble to the canteen and you're sure to meet a few along the way. My friend even swears she saw a bear one evening, but I leave it up to guys to believe it or not.

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Current Music: Mys sisters snores

The Candle

6 Oct, 2006 @ 1:01am | General


I watch the candle flicker

Against a waft I can

Current Mood: Thoughtful
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15 Jun, 2006 @ 5:15pm | General

Yeah, so after a really really long hiatus, I am, in fact, back. In my last post, which was, interestingly enough, made last year, I'd promised to be a more responsible and frequent blogger. And although I'd added in the same breath that promises are meant to be broken, I had never planned on breaking this one so spectacularly, so unbelievably, so shamelessly as to not tread the path to my blog for over a year! But, as I have already proved, I have no shame, so chastising me will have no effect at all, so you might as well save your breath. Nevertheless, I shall retain the outer trappings of shame and apologise for what I have once before termed "my shameful neglect".

And now to ruin my apology with an excuse, I shall give you a round up of the latest conspiracy theory.... how the world did everything it could to keep me from my blog. Soon after my last post, I received the news that my uncle and aunt would be moving to Hyderabad. Woe to me! I spent the next few days generally feeling sorry for myself as I would, once again, have to move under the protective shadow of a horribly responsible adult! This curtailing of my freedom, this clipping of my wings that had barely learnt to soar had left me so scarred, that it took me this long to peek out from under the earth I'd hidden myself in, look around and realise that the world was still intact and I could begin to spread my wings again. Oh! Wondrous feeling of freedom! And here I am, having consigned both my little cousins to studies and homework, with my uncle at work and my aunt asleep in another room, and my bro out of town (finally), I am alone, and my own mistress, for however short a while it may be.

So, onto the news then! I am now, officially, a graduate! As of last month, I passed my final exams. I am now currently in the process of trying to convince some college to accept me as a student, but somebody seems to have warned them about me!!!

My brother, of course, being the lucky tyke that he is, has no such problems. He already got admission into a PG course and even cleared the visa... so all thats left in buying an airticket.

Oh yeah, that reminds me... guess what the coolest thing is right now? The fact that my bro, who is 2 years older than me, is still in the final semester of his UG course while I am a graduate! Ha! Thats one up for me!

And thats all for now folks, this is spice signing off, with the infamous promise that I'll be back soon.....

Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: title track of lizzie macguire...

Belated Bday Post

25 Feb, 2005 @ 3:27am | General

well well well, how i managed to accomodate 3 dinner invites in one day is something even i shall never understand. Call it divine providence, compassionate destiny or just good luck, the youngest son of one of my prospective hosts developed a fever, and though an unfortunate occurence in itself, i admit that in this instance i found myself grateful instead of sympathetic, for it struck one invite off the list. And by having dinner once at 7 and then again at 9:30, i was able to satisfy the other two inviters. And then i heaved a sigh a relief that i had managed not to insult anyone's gracious, if rather ill-timed for me, invitation.

Valentine's day is rather unkind to single people. And my single status is a thorn that has made its prick felt every V-day since i was 15, for while couples go canoodling, we singles are left to feel like old maids, no matter our age. It is not roses and candy and candlelit dinners that i aspire for, merely the feeling that someone found me important enough to give me this time.

Well, my b'day was a couple of days ago (22nd), an event of some sorrow as it marked the beginning of the last year of my teens. And yet, an event of some joy as, at least for a day, I was queen. And yet again, some sorrow, for the sting of my single status is brought home again, and "19 and single" doesn't sound all that great these days.

I have been a very irresponsible, whimsical and even capricious blogger, posting when i had an irrestible urge to do so, or, i shamefacedly admit, when i had nothing better to do. But I promise to rectify this, and in the same breath i add, promises are meant to be broken.
See u soon.... maybe!!!! ;)

Current Mood: Wicked
Current Music: Just the voices in my head

I wish...

30 Jan, 2005 @ 3:06am | General

It seems that my brother and I have suddenly become very desirable dinner guests. For the first time in my admittedly short life, i have a choice of which of three dinner engagements to attend. With all 3 hosts claiming that they will be terribly disappointed should we fail to grace the occasion with our presence, what is a girl to do? While flattering, this has occassained a need for a juggling of my social calendar that i fear i am not equal to. Add to that the fact that my brother's exams are going on, and he insists on staying home and studying (whoever wants to do that???), i have my hands quite full. And just like you have done at some point of ur life, I wish there could be more than one of me so i cold be everywhere at once!

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Current Music: Ronan Keating - If tommorow never comes


18 Dec, 2004 @ 4:25am | General

Looks like my life's back on track... whether the right track or the wrong one is still left to be found. Managed my ex-bf's visit without caving in (hurrah!!!) but believe me, i kinda wish i hadn't!!!
My best friend got a new boyfriend, and in the first flush of her love, I'm afraid I'm being pretty much ignored... but I'm not complaining, after all, there is only so much mush u can handle, so much time u can spend listening to tales of ur friend's lovelife before u blow up... so i guess its best to let her cool off a little!
Living alone is a blast! U can get up when u want (except that i have to get to college on time), eat whenever and whatever u want (except that I have to cook it first), watch all the TV and play computer games all day (except that I just had to go pay the electricity bill.... major headache, people)... u get the drift. But seriously, its sooooooooooo much fun! Especially if u can rent out ur place to friends who wanna make out without being cramped in a car!
Oh well, the maid's here. I better get out of her way and let her work before she quits on me...
Ciao! Au Revoir! A Bientot! Hasta la Vista!

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: NSync Bye Bye Bye

Life Imperfect

5 Oct, 2004 @ 1:24pm | General

So yeah... no excuses for the awful neglect with which I have treated my dear blog lately... but I do apologise, dear blog, for not paying any attention to you lately. However the prodigal blogger returns and here I am!
Yep, here i am, and I need some help from all you readers. You see, I am in a situation which could be more complicated, but thankfully is not, coz this is more than a handful for me. But first the news.
My exams were great, and now I have a loooooong vacation, almost like a semester break, and I'm going on a college trip to the perfect place... yep, goa. I had a fight with my brother, ran away from home, and now he's so scared that he does whatever I tell him to do... life could not be more perfect, you think. But ah! introduce an old boyfriend on the scene and thats when things really start to jump. Add to that the fact that he is from another city, he's here just to meet me, and wants a brief fling... and if brief makes u think of summer romances, forget it... think 3 days instead... sounds too easy to u? Ok, add to that the fact that he is staying at my house, and my brother is away for a week, so its me and him alone all day.... and finally add to that the fact that he is sooooooooooo hot! Sweltering, roasting hot is more like it.
If there is anybody out there who still fails to see where the complication comes in, please write to me, convince me, basically lecture me into not finding this a problem anymore!
Oh great! He's singing Bryan Adams' 'Please Forgive Me'. Why did he ever learn to sing!
I say 'Please Help Me!!!'

Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: Him singing "Please Forgive Me" and me playing "Its My Life" to drown him out!

Weather Beaten

18 Aug, 2004 @ 10:38pm | General

Spiderman was great... just felt that his mask kept coming off WAAAYYYY to much. Anyway, saw Kyun Ho Gaya Na last saturday... friendly advice to all u people... don't make the mistake i did! the movie is beyond pathetic... no story, no acting... u name it, its not there! if ever a movie could be called a cliche, KHGN is one. 50 First Dates was nice though... Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore... nice cutesy comedy that was romantic without being all sugar ;)
Whats with the weather here in Hyderabad? One day it rains and the next its HOT HOT HOT!!! I was coming from sangeeth to LS last saturday and when i was at the top of the flyover, it started raining... hard. By the time I got to the bottom, the rain was over, but i was drenched. Hope the weather settles down. Looks like instead of a rainy monsoon, we're gonna have a rainy winter!

Current Mood: Happy
Current Music: Gone by NSync

Am back!

24 Jul, 2004 @ 2:26pm | General

ok... so i'm back after all the moving around i've been doing... and am settled, at least for the moment... although if my bro has his way, it won't last coz just like all brothers, my peace of mind ruins his 'piece' of a mind! After having moved thrice in one month, he wants to move again... guess he's a nomad, although he seems pretty mad mad to me! Seriously though, wonder why nomads are called nomads when they'd have to be mad to keep moving as much as they do!

Spidey's hit the screens... ain't he the cutest? All the flick fans out there, this is the last movie ur gonna see at the good old sangeeth theatre, i heard they're tearing it down after this and making a multiplex there. While this is great news, i suggest all u loyalists go pay homage to our darling theatre... who knows, maybe u could go there in a few days and get a piece of rubble to remember the theatre by!

Ok guys, gotta go... I gotta go... got tickets to the wrestling match between spidey and doc ock on screen... will tell u abt that next time...

ciao! au revoir! hasta la vista!

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Chori Chori (Kareeb) what can i do? the cyber cafe is playing that!!

Uh oh!!

17 May, 2004 @ 8:27am | General

I read the comments on my "Do u believe in fate" post... guys, i'm no despo! I just saw the movie "serendipity" right before making the post, so i was wondering about fate and destiny! Thats it, really! Anyway, I went to tirupati on friday... came back today morning, and got good news even before i got to hyderabad... i passed! so now i'm officially a degree second year student! P.S. I'm not sure if a blog post has a P.S. but i don't know what else to call it, so any way... i'm sure u people out there will resognise the current music i'm listening to! And yeah, thanc for the help with my search for accomodation... I have made arrangements for a PG, but that is, hopefully, temporary. As soon as i get a flatmate, i'm going to move!

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Current Music: Background score by Mom - "Clean up ur Room"

Thanx guys!

12 May, 2004 @ 8:57am | General

Hey Johnny! Thanx for the info buddy! Why don't u send me some more details abt this place and i'll check it out? Thanx again! And all the rest of u out there, please, please don't stop with the suggestions... i am quite desperate! so if any of u know of a nice place, please do tell me!

Current Mood: Feeling Better
Current Music: The hum of the A/C

Help me, people!!

8 May, 2004 @ 10:17pm | General

Hey u guys! I'm looking for a place to stay in Hyderabad... a nice P.G or Girls Hostel... or a flat-sharing... i've been searching for a week and i still haven't found a place thats even half-way acceptable!! my parents are moving to another state on 25th of this month and I NEED A PLACE TO STAY!!! oh, by the way, I'm a student at St. Francis College... so if anyone out there can help me, please respond as a comment... thanks people!!!

Current Mood: Desperate
Current Music: Westlife Unbreakable

Do u believe in fate?

8 May, 2004 @ 10:56am | General

So do u? Believe in fate, i mean? That there is a map for our life and we just follow a pre-destined route? That everything that happens to us is our destiny? That we have no power, no control over it? That when we think we are making a choice, we are, in fact, just follow choices that have already been made for us? Makes u wonder, doesn't it? Why bother with life, with choices, decisions... when everything is pre-destined?

Current Music: just my thoughts