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Category: General

Clothes Distribution Day 2008

2 Dec, 2008 @ 9:49pm | General


Social Service now a days is the most chanted mantra by Government, Political parties Business communities, Celebrities world over. How long do we have overburden them by depending on them alone to do Service. In fact service can be done with a simple intention of evoking our own helping nature.

LET US SHARE, LET US SERVE and eventually SHARE A SERVICE. what is this SHARE A SERVICE? It is a movement which does not belong to any one individual institution or organization. It is not owned by any leader It is the call of our own innate desire to inspire and encourage what a human can do to thyself. It is a wake up call to set aside 0. 01% of our self centered nature to build someone else's life. Let us not build an Organisation for Service but instead do Organized Service which is true service devoid of all distractions and piliferage. CLOTHES DISTRIBUTION DAY 2007 has given us a reference that at a given opportunity every individual renders his/her best support for a social cause.


This is a global event wherein people world over celebrate the day by welcoming the new year and bid adieu the old year. The transition date from the old to the new is 31 December. All of us look forward to a new dress on a happy occasion. The new year is one of such a happy occassion.

If all those people who can afford an unused dress for the oncoming new year pause a while and collect one or a pair of used clothes and donate it to person who wishes to wear a new pair of clothes but cannot afford to do so, Our old dress could become someone else’s new dress in the coming new Year.

What you can do is donate clothes, volunteer, set up a collection point in your colony, apartment, office, building, school, college, workplace, spread the message to all your friends and acquaintances and to your known circle, have a promotional poster set up in your business establishment/shop/office. If you are a part of a corporate you could send the e-invites to all your colleagues by your email network, or place the invite on your notice board. If you are a part of an organisation you could spread the message to your colleagues and conduct a collection drive and donate the clothes on behalf of your organisation to the needy we would be sending you the addresses and requirement of the needy to you directly wherein you can donate the clothes at your place or at the needy's place based on your convenience. The addresses of the collection points in the various areas of the twin cities and in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh along with the major cities of India are available on our website. Donors can deposit the clothes at the collection points which would be mostly at a walkable distance from your homes/work places.

For further information contact:,
or log onto

OLD LANCER LANE, 9-1-113 TO 118

PH: 040-27807425, 30481424
FAX: 040-66201424


2 Dec, 2008 @ 11:19am | General

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