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Why Do People Vote?

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Before I start ranting my points of view and my reasons on why people vote, let's just think up some general facts about India's elections.
1.2 billion People!
762 million voters!
~450 million people who actually cast their vote.
Now back to - Why do people vote?
Obviously the answer is for a better nation. And sometimes (actually most of the times in a nation like ours) for our own selfish reasons.
Voting essentially goes down to what Mr.A or Mr.B or anyone else is going to do that will benefit YOU!! This might sound pretty selfish and also foolish to some of you, but I wouldn't vote for Mr. X if s/he said that they’d build dams and provide electricity to some random village in a state I do not live in! I mean I wouldn't even know if they have even built them! I would rather vote for someone who promises stuff where I live, where I stay, where I might benefit and where it might help me live better!
So yea if you're voting for someone who isn't going to help you in any way, you obviously wouldn't vote - I mean, think of it, there's no logical reason for you to be such a selfless being unless you already are a huge billionaire philanthropist or are an ascetic. 
Another very important point - You don't get to vote for the leaders of the party in India, you get to vote for the local MP of that party in your locality. So what primarily matters to you is your own locality! The party president or the Prime Ministerial Candidate isn't going to do wonders in your neighborhood but your local MP might! So choose based on your local MPs and not based on the person in New Delhi!
Also based on my conversations with friends, foes and strangers, I have understood that elections and party allegiance divides people a lot in our country. And the reasons for these divisions among the people are the issues over which people cast their votes. First, it used to caste based politics and now it is issue based politics. Do you want to vote for a person who aims to curb corruption? Or do you want to vote for someone who is going to develop the country? Or do you vote for someone who comes from the oldest and the strongest political party of the country?
The issues in the upcoming elections are pretty tricky. Corruption versus Development; New versus Old; Efficiency versus Experience… and the list goes on. And then there’s the secularist point of view and also the point of view of the common man. So which issue is your priority? What is the central concern of yours that you seek resolve while deciding on whom to vote?

I don't mean to influence your views in any way. I myself am pretty confused about whom to vote for - I support a political party and also like the party's manifesto at the center but I'm not so sure about their local MP in my constituency; so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Anyway, these are my own personal points of view. They are not meant to intentionally or otherwise coerce someone into voting for one political party or the other. I maintain my opinions to myself and these points mentioned here are not meant to be taken as a complete list or an analysis and should not be used to drive you to vote or not vote for someone.
P.S - Your vote counts! It's your right, it's your responsibility and it's your future! GO VOTE! And if you don't (or didn't) vote then don't complain!! I, personally, am very tensed and nervous about voting! I value its power and I know the responsibility I'll have to carry in my heart when my vote goes to someone who ends up being a wrong choice!
P.P.S. – For all the people who say things won’t change even if you vote – well, I can’t guarantee that things will change with your vote. But I can guarantee that they won’t change if you don’t vote! BTW this time there’s the NOTA (none of the above) option, so you can go vote for nobody – rather than not voting at all!!

Inglorious Bastards!!

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From the time I was in school, I have been hearing all around me, people calling my generation - the next generation, the future citizens of India, the generation which will drive India into the next phase of its development, the citizens who will see a developed India and the brightest citizens yet of our beloved India.

Most of these titles and ranks were given just to get more applause in school assemblies and functions. They were used more for the appeal than the actual facts the words bear. These words make sense but have no weight in meaning.

As I look at school going children today, I see that the same stories, the same titles and ranks keep repeating themselves. I think to myself - Are we being shepherded by scheming politicians and corrupt businessmen into a place of no return?

Students don't care what they study as long as they get good marks and please their parents and teachers.

Teachers don't care what they teach students as long as they get paid and stay happy.

Parents don't care what their children study as long as they get good marks and they can proudly and happily trod in the neighborhood.

Society doesn't care what children study or what their parents think as long as they stay good children who go to school and their parents pay their loans and taxes.

Governments don't care what their subjects do as long as the government is stable and faces no threat.

In this vicious chain of events, we see one recurring pattern - NO ONE CARES!!

No one cares if our country houses the largest population of poor people.
No one cares if 30 farmers a day commit suicide.
No one cares if politicians stash humungous amounts of money from corruption.
No one cares if our country is going to the dogs.
But everyone cares if their share of the pie is affected.

Such hypocritical bastards we have become that we hardly care what our fore-fathers dreamed of and died for to give us our share of freedom and liberty.

Children should be made to understand what our country needs and why their education will have a profound influence on the future prospects of our country's growth. But all we teach and are taught is how to evade the law, circumvent it or corrupt it further.

All our ethics classes and moral science classes have already faded away into things of the past. Now the last ray of hope is that prominent people in society will influence people to at least stay on the righteous path a little longer.

I know people will comment that all these sound good on blog posts, but to carry over and translate these ideas and philosophies into actions is improbable and never certain... Well to them I say this - There's no certainty — only opportunity.


Minimum Retail Price!

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Parking in no parking area - Rs 50/- Official Cost - Rs100/-

Jumping Signal - Rs.50/- Official Cost - Rs.500/- or arrest

Riding Triples - Rs.100/- Official Cost Rs.200/-

Driving without license/RC/pollution check - Rs.100/- Official Cost Rs.500/- or arrest

Not getting caught while doing all the above - priceless!!

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there’s the discount giving corrupt traffic constable!

We all are pretty familiar with these rates and also the random "chai paisa" and "kharcha paani", it has become part of daily life. And when one Padmashree Anna Hazare comes to disrupt the entire harmony and peace - we don't like it. We don't like it one little bit!

I mean what gives a social activist the right to pressurize the government to make anti-corruption laws and pass bills which would render corruption endangered and extinct.

Given the fact that more than 35-40% of Hyderabadi's (and maybe even all Indians) ride triples, without licenses, in wrong routes and park in no parking spaces, this would come as a rude shock and a cause for uproar.

We don't care if Rs.1.76 lakh crores are looted or our right to vote is stolen by others - all we want is to travel on the opposite side of the road in the middle of Ameerpet at peak traffic hours even if we obstruct traffic and get away paying only some 100 bucks max. We don't care if roads are bad or it's not our signal yet... it isn't our problem, we have to go home quickly enough to watch the IPL match between Andaman Aristocrats and Lakshwadweep Lions.

We don't care if an ambulance is wailing behind us as it's more important for us to give alms to the 8 year old beggar child at Jubilee Hills Check Post. We don't care if public restrooms are available across the street cause walls are on this side too.

We don't have time for waiting at signals but have enough time to get a first hand view of two people fighting over a scratch on an auto to which they are not even related to and also in giving a sound thrashing in public to an offender than handing him over to the police.

We also don't care if a MLA's son ran over a few pedestrians as long as it does not pertain to us. And neither do the passing of the Women's Bill or the Right to Information Act or the Anti-Terror bill interest us. All we want is to get on with our lives we have got accustomed to.

We pay money for getting passports issued in time because the officials are too lazy to even perform their duties for which they are being paid for. We pay money to retrieve our own stuff at the police station. We pay money for what are our rights and their duties. We pay money if we are on the right side of the law and pay more if we are on the wrong side of it.

And then we get home and curse the government for not taking enough measures or feel that our country will remain this way forever or get worse.

A Democracy is one where we make the laws, where we are the voice that the government listens to, performs for and stands on. We are the power. We are.

When was the last time you felt that your government was was looking out for your interests? The injustices occurring in our country are not just happening to “those people over there”; they are in fact happening to all of us. If one person is not free or denied justice then we are all suffering and being denied justice.

It is time for us to unite and break free from the privileged few who seek to own us and rule us.

Support the Jan Lokpal Bill.

P.S. – For a corruption free India, we need corruption free Indians. Starting You!


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Hyderabad is going to the dogs!

No, not because of all the events which have taken place in the city over the last six months or so... I'm not talking about Hyderabad the city at all... I'm talking about the IPL team Deccan Chargers...sheesh what a screwed up team!!

Who cares about front page news when IPL and sports take centre stage!!

Women of India can rejoice!!

No, no... not because of the women's bill and it being passed in the Rajya Sabha... But because Direct-to-Home television channels have discount prices as it is summer time... so you get to see Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Balika Vadhu at much lower costs...

I mean what else to say... 33% of the government could become feminine by the passing of one bill - yet most women prefer to sit at home and watch soap operas?

Two is a marriage, three is a crowd!

Sania Mirza might disappoint people on the court, but never outside it! Be it her advertisements or her engagement or her marriage, everything is controversially crazy! Now Shoaib Malik and his alleged first wife Ayesha enter the picture... amazing piece of time pass for the Indian Public and media... (in fact itself is hyping a personal issue by asking people to answer silly opinion polls - I hope no hard feelings fullhyd).

Vision 2020 or Mission 20-20 ??

If Abdul Kalam and Lalit Modi have a chat... this is how it is going to be...

LM - see India 20-20 - up and running! Live on Set MAX!!
AK - when I meant India and 2020, I wasn't talking of cricket...
LM - seriously? I didn't know, anyways we are already making $4 billion a year, its a CITI moment of success... what say? and hey Mr.Kalam look out thats a DLF maximum...
AK - @^#@^ #^!@$ #%^^ *$*&
LM - Ahem! Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for a Strategic Time Out!!

And with all this news who cares if 75 odd CRPF men were killed by maoists or that the UN embassy in Peshawar was bombed... may that be news for a different time!!

P.S. - This article isn't actually meant to be a sarcastic take on the Indian Media, its what the entire nation has actually become...

P.P.S - And similar to my last two sets of observations (in April and December '09) I'm still single and desperate!!

Apotheosis Of Reason!

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Reality is a ploy that we are all a part of.
All trust is fraud, Belief a deception, faith a sham.

It is in this that we are guilty, our offence an infidelity of the identity. If there is an explanation for our fault, it is this – we satisfy ourselves with one correct ANSWER, one right GOD, one belief. By believing in only one singularity, we have rid ourselves of choice; choice of faith, of beliefs, of the right way to live life and of society.

And there is no pardon, amnesty or absolution. And the ultimate penalty for believing in only one right answer is this – we are deluded into thinking that the truth is really true.

And by being deceived we have stopped evolving and have become Neanderthals again. We have now failed in our evolution and regressed back to the dark ages. We again fight the holy wars but now with our own soul. We fight against a mind which is stuck in a mode whose basic rules must be broken, its defence shattered before changing it.

We have come to believe everything that is told to us, we have no feelings/emotions/thoughts of our own. We blindly follow orders, we are being led into darkness.


And as Tyler Durden puts it - I see all this potential, and I see it squandered. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables — slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won't. We're slowly learning that fact.

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