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Hyderabad is going to the dogs!

No, not because of all the events which have taken place in the city over the last six months or so... I'm not talking about Hyderabad the city at all... I'm talking about the IPL team Deccan Chargers...sheesh what a screwed up team!!

Who cares about front page news when IPL and sports take centre stage!!

Women of India can rejoice!!

No, no... not because of the women's bill and it being passed in the Rajya Sabha... But because Direct-to-Home television channels have discount prices as it is summer time... so you get to see Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and Balika Vadhu at much lower costs...

I mean what else to say... 33% of the government could become feminine by the passing of one bill - yet most women prefer to sit at home and watch soap operas?

Two is a marriage, three is a crowd!

Sania Mirza might disappoint people on the court, but never outside it! Be it her advertisements or her engagement or her marriage, everything is controversially crazy! Now Shoaib Malik and his alleged first wife Ayesha enter the picture... amazing piece of time pass for the Indian Public and media... (in fact itself is hyping a personal issue by asking people to answer silly opinion polls - I hope no hard feelings fullhyd).

Vision 2020 or Mission 20-20 ??

If Abdul Kalam and Lalit Modi have a chat... this is how it is going to be...

LM - see India 20-20 - up and running! Live on Set MAX!!
AK - when I meant India and 2020, I wasn't talking of cricket...
LM - seriously? I didn't know, anyways we are already making $4 billion a year, its a CITI moment of success... what say? and hey Mr.Kalam look out thats a DLF maximum...
AK - @^#@^ #^!@$ #%^^ *$*&
LM - Ahem! Ladies and Gentlemen, its time for a Strategic Time Out!!

And with all this news who cares if 75 odd CRPF men were killed by maoists or that the UN embassy in Peshawar was bombed... may that be news for a different time!!

P.S. - This article isn't actually meant to be a sarcastic take on the Indian Media, its what the entire nation has actually become...

P.P.S - And similar to my last two sets of observations (in April and December '09) I'm still single and desperate!!

The Legend And The Quest!

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 In Affectionate Remembrance
    which died at the Oval
    29th AUGUST, 1882,
    Deeply lamented by a large circle of sorrowing
    friends and acquaintances
    N.B.—The body will be cremated and the
    ashes taken to Australia.
    written by Reginald Brooks on 2nd September,1882
People may argue that cricket today is either Twenty20 or matches played between India and Pakistan or just the IPL, but I disagree. And so would anybody who saw the last 10 overs of the first Ashes Test.
The intensity was amazing. No one in India who says s/he follows cricket would ever witness nor feel the intensity that the packed house in Cardiff or those who saw the match whole-heartedly would have experienced. It's been hardly 15 mins since the match ended, and even as I type this the adrenaline rush remains. I mean, England saves the match survivng 12 overs of Australian bowling with 1 wicket remaining. Nail biting experience for any true fan of cricket.

Cricket today needs revival, and I don't mean through Twenty20 stuff and football-esque trading of players and teams owned by celebrities and corporations. I mean by exciting cricket. The top two teams who play the best cricket are England and Australia, closely followed by South Africa. India doesn't even come into the picture if you ask me.

England and Australia remain the only places where cricket remains a Gentleman's game, every where else its a hyped up extravaganza. And if you trust people like Lalit Modi and his ilk to promote cricket, you could as well stop watching cricket and watch strategic timeouts and advertisements instead.

I know many would say that they can't "waste" their time watching 5 days of "boring cricket" to get a result, but the rewards are amazing. You relate to players more often if you follow them for 5 straight days, you feel the tension of every ball. Every ball becomes crucial in test matches than in Twenty20 because if you play one bad shot you are condemned for the rest of the match, and one bad ball and you will be at the control of the batsman.

Cricket needs Test matches more than IPL's and T20 world cups. True followers of cricket look forward to The Ashes series. And as I end this I say that the intensity and the adrenaline rush created from the legend of the Ashes on 29th August of 1882 when English cricket was "cremated" and "the ashes" were taken to Australia to this day when England look forward to "regain the ashes" still remains the same.

Hoping that England regain the ashes,
Signing off

BCCI - Bored Of Cash And Choas In India

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With the first ever auction in Cricket, cheerleaders and Businessmen, I thought that no seasons of Indian Premier League could rival the first season viz-a-viz drama. But just the second season of Indian Premier League has proved me wrong. 

First we saw Flintoff and Pietersen becoming the highest paid IPL Players. The Clubs paid these prices, when there was a Global Economic Crisis all around the world and pink slips are a norm in all the companies. I believed all these drama would be over with the auctions and focus would shift back to Cricket and Economics (Sponsorships).

Sadly, I was wrong. Lahore Happened. And everybody started raising their concerns about the security. Even before that crisis settled down, Indian Home Minister Chidambaram joined the fray by dropping a bombshell about the security problems for conducting IPL during elections. Add to this, the recent controversy about the television rights of IPL, confusion reigns in the second season of Indian Premier League.
Lalit Modi is pushing his luck as he tries to fit in the IPL in the already cramped ICC calender and also by assuring both players and the spectators of "Complete Safety".
Now either he doesn't know that the Indian Subcontinent consist of three other cricket playing countries which are politically unstable and terrorist activities are growing in all countries of the subcontinent (including India). First it started with the Mumbai terror strikes which held the country for hostage for 3 days (complete safety my ass!!) then it was LTTE in Sri Lanka and the mutiny of the Bangladesh Rifles. And Pakistan has been in trouble through all of this and more.

On the other hand, by hosting an event of this magnitude and scale involving billions of dollars so that the recession and crises facing companies make profits way above their capacities by investing in cricket is good for India and the world. But at what cost?, can the players be made puppets? It has hardly been a month since the Sri Lankan cricket team had a very close shave with death. 

Then there are the elections which take place right during the games, I'd have preferred if Lalit Modi had asked the Government of India to postpone the elections by a few weeks, in his and most of the Indians' interests it is the best option. And I bet the ministers would agree as well, they would expect absolutely no turn out for the elections as people would rather watch Warne Vs. Sachin, Harbhajan Vs Hayden or Peitersen Vs. Flintoff than decide on BJP or Congress.

And with the BCCI having at stake amounts never foreseen in the game's history it is a difficult task for the government to make the Board realize that the nation and safety of the players are far more important than ticket sales and advertisement revenue.

And I almost forgot about the purists who feel Test cricket is dying in the wake of T20, with IPL, T20 WC and all crap coming in, they are pretty sure that Test cricket fades away in less than a decade. 

And if you remember Sharad Pawar is the president of the BCCI... and serves as Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution.  So he is in a win-win situation. Either its elections or its IPL, or as he wants it - BOTH!

The Second Edition of the IPL is scheduled to start on April 10th. Well Let the Games Begin!!

BCCI--Board Of Cash And Confusion Of India

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Following the ouster of Zimbabwe from ICC, articles about the ICC's decision have been doing the rounds and this one takes the cake.

Statement from a BCCI spokesperson:
"We have always supported Zimbabwe cricket and have nothing to do with the political situation there," a senior BCCI official told Cricinfo. "In fact, we are a bit surprised that the issue has been brought up once again since the ICC board had discussed this last year and decided clearly that politics and cricket can't be mixed. The BCCI believes that a country's politics and its cricket don't go together. There is no reason to change our stand now."

Politics and cricket don't go together huh? In that case, how come the country's agricultural minister is the president of the BCCI?

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