Category: Poetry

Dreams of a forgotten time.

aloque | 31 May 2004, 6:42am

One by one, reborn to night,

a glittering ticker tape

of street lights, traffic lights,

smog clouded star-light,

gild the city night-scape.



Alone against time, ravaged

but standing, a stone clad fort

regains its beauteous image,

taking me back to the age

when with love it was wrought.



Artificial blue, red and green,

try and unfold long lost tales,

uncurtain cob-webbed dreams,

relive lives of a king and queen,

and of love that lives unassailed.



Senses obscured by emotion,

see what happened once, can be

once again. Hope. Possibility.

Colours fade into a black ocean,

and I, aching, return to reality.


I cannot seem to get over my golkonda fascination/obsession. there is a spot near my place from where i can see the light show in the distance and it always takes my breath away

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