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Appeal To Visitors & Friends of this Blog: Help me to influence the Voters !!

12 Feb, 2007 @ 1:49am | General

The Notification for MLC Election might come any moment. There will be 20+ days gap for elections from the Elections notification time. Now My personal request to all of you to help me to gather votes from the people whom you know from Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-Mahboob Nagar. Most of the visitors to my website belong to Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-Mahboob Nagar or you must be having friends and relatives in the above districts.

If you all help me to influence 5-10 voters personally , I might get several votes. I already have support from about 15000 voters so far. There are around 2, 30,000(2.3 lakh voters) registered voters out of which only 50% might come for voting on the polling day. There will be about 500+ polling stations in Hyd-RR-MBNR districts. If I get 30,000 votes, I will be the winner of elections provided if you all help me to gather 15000 votes.

The Person who is going to win in MLC elections, will be representative of 35+ lakh graduates residing in Hyd-RR-MBNR districts. He will have access to entire Government Administration. There is a possibility to get a minister post as CM can choose MLCs as Cabinet Ministers. And he will be invited to all Government Functions in the 3 districts according to protocal.

If I win as MLC, I promise that I can do much better than any other contestants who are contesting in these elections. I am young, well educated, Technically sound, desire and enthusiasm to help people with whatever possible resources I have, desire to make things better, good rapport with the established politicians, core values, good communication and interpersonal skills, know how to utlise the resources effectively with minimum cost and many more..

Please help me to get elected as Member of Legislative Council(Shasana Mandali) from the Hyderabad-Ranga Reddy-Mahboob Nagar Constituency.

Rajasekhar Reddy Allipuram ( BE): Software Engineer
MLC Elections CONTESTANT: Hyderabad/Ranga Reddy/Mahboob Nagar Graduate Constituency
Phone1 # 9866269362 Phone2 # 9949762000
Yahoo Messenger: allipuram_mlc
Google Talk: allipuram

* Note: To confirm your voter registration, please call us at Phone1 # 9866269362 Phone2 # 9949762000 or email us at

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