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Neurotron | 7 October 2004, 10:37am

There was something about the way she gently placed her hand on his shoulder. It said something about trust, about affection. They hardly spoke as he drove, it didn’t matter where anymore. It was almost like every cell on his back felt her fingertips. Waited, breathlessly, for the tentative brush. He yearned for the touch to be more forceful, to indicate a quiet confidence. Bur he knew that would somehow detract from the feeling, which was now more than just a physical presence of her hand on his shirt.

He wanted so much to tell her how much he enjoyed this. How he hadn’t felt this way in years. How a quiet shudder surges through his bones when she puts her arms around his waist and puts her head on his shoulders. But he also wanted all of these to come of her own volition – not as a conscious effort because he told her.

But then, he’d never known how to tell her...

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: You - Radiohead

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  1. 1. By Jai  |  7 Oct 2004, 11:37am

    even i am tuned in to Radio head right now.

  2. 2. By diva  |  7 Oct 2004, 10:01pm

    long time dude!! good one...reminds me of the college days and the rides...nostalgic!!hey...did ya rcv my mail??

  3. 3. By drp  |  7 Oct 2004, 10:59pm



    PS: I be grinnin like crazy while italicising.

  4. 4. By Aran  |  7 Oct 2004, 11:55pm


  5. 5. By Blah  |  8 Oct 2004, 11:09pm


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