Davanagere Deathtrap

aloque | 10/10/2004, 12:43 hrs

For the uninformed, aloque has had to leave his beloved Hyderabad again.

I am glad that I can keep in touch through fh. Its quite strange to stay alone again after being fussed by my mother for an entire year. I was getting soft and this can only be good for me. I am back to eating off the roads again. And the roads can offer the most amazing fare. All those who disagree may do so and they may also take a hike. Remember to pack a lot of food for the journey though.

I am going to inflict upon readers here aloque's gustatory gallivanting. First I thought I'd call it aloque's gastric escapades but that sounds a
lot more like what goes out than what goes in.

This morning for breakfast, I had the opportunity to visit a small
joint called The Veg Edge (specialist in Davanegere benne dose). So, I
order the special and i got the opportunity to watch the cook make it.
He spread about a cupful of batter and made out a 12" big dose and,
here is the insane part, he put about 12 dollops of butter on the dose
each about half a table spoon large. Man, thats a lot of butter, my
coronaries were protesting, but I was fascinated to say the least. He
let it simmer for a while and when it was a nice light brown, turned
it over. I was expecting him to put it in a plate and hand it over,
but what does he do? Thats's right, he put another dozen dollops of
butter on this side of the damn dose. I tell you the dose was floating
about 2 cms off the tava, with melted butter crackling mockingly at my
impending myocardial infarction.
My fascination gave way to salivation and despite my MBBS degree I
managed to absolutely enjoy the crispy, buttery Davanegere benne

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Responses to Davanagere Deathtrap

  1. lol...that sounds like the parathas we used to eat...*sigh* i miss parathas...
    and dude, wot about shangahai? tho it is now shanshai for some reason.

  2. Et tu Aloque? Looks like lotsa Medicos around. esp in the top 5. :)

  3. Sounds delicious n also dangerous..... :)
    Enjoy your days out.

  4. Leave beloved Hyd?

  5. @inez: ShanShai?? rotfl!

    Gastric escapades?? rotflmao!Well written piece ra...

  6. shanshai! I knew I was right. It was called shanshai when I was there last.
    Yeah Aran, I am back in Bangalore for another year at least.
    Johnny....dude, us docs need to get out more, huh?

  7. agree wit you neusro, well written, was it shanshai the last time? maybe it was always shanshai but refused to acknowledge it. hee

  8. thats sounds like a tempting dose...


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