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Cats In The Cradle

azazel | 10 October, 2004 21:21

Before my next intellectually stimulating update[?], this is a stop-over intended to provide an emotional stimulation which will tickle the heartstrings of whoever reads it. I first heard the song Cats In the Cradle played by Ugly Kid Joe on some random collection of rock ballads. As a band, UKJ was one of those whose prerogative was making some fresh, have-fun music often with genuinely humorous content. Expecting a emotional ballad from them was quite unexpected. Let me make it clear that at this moment i didnt have any idea about the complete lyrics of the song. Then, one fine day when boredom reached its peak[just as it has when im writing this!], i started to search for lyrics for some songs. I chanced upon the lyrics to this song and was blown away by their simplicity and depth. Here, they are:

My child arrived just the other day
Came into the world the usual way
But there were planes to catch n bills to pay
He learned to walk while i was away
And he was talkin 'fore i knew n as he grew
He said: im gonna be like u, dad
You know im gonna be like you

And the cats in the cradle n the silver spoon
little boy blue n the man on the moon
when u comin home? Son, i dont know when
we'll get together then, you know we'll have a good time then

My son turned 10 just the other day
he said thanks for the ball dad, c'mon lets play
could u teach me to throw? i said not today
ive got a lot to do, he said thats ok
n he walked away but his smile never dimmed
he said, you know im gonna be like him yea
you know im gonne be like him


n he came from college just the other day
so much like a man, i just had to say
im proud of u, could u sit for a while
he shook his head n instead gave a smile
what i'd really like dad is to borrow the car keys
see u later, can i have them please?


ive long since retired, my son's moved away
i called him up just the other day
i'd like to see u if u dont mind
i'd love to dad if i could find the time
you see my new job's a hassle n the kids have the flu
but its sure nice talkin to u dad
its been sure nice talkin to you


hmmm.. the last 3 lines still freak me out whenever i hear the song. Now, what struck me was that such profoundity n that too from UKJ? so, after a little googling, i came up with the true brains behind the song. Its originally by a singer from the 70's called Harry Chapin n the lyrics were based on a poem written by his wife. Also d/l the original track n its pretty much the same as the UKJ cover, remove the distorted guitars n add a piano with a string section. Thats it folks, drop in for some more gyaan in a short time..




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Alexis | 10/10/2004, 22:21

Hey Az!
I have that UKJ album. That song is very emotional I'd have to say. Its been a long while since I last heard that song, but now Im gonna fish it out from underneath my collection.

I hope you get more replies! Take care, I'll be in touch.

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azazel | 10/10/2004, 23:56

"I hope you get more replies! Take care, I'll be in touch"

talk abt donating optimism.. hahahaha.. looks like i blackmailed u into posting here..

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Ravi | 11/10/2004, 06:23

That is good.....
The last three lines are really somethin, they sorta push the rest of the lines into your brain...:)
Good one. Please don't just do this when you are bored, this is good.
I'll go get that album asap...

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Sharjeel | 11/10/2004, 16:43

Coool! Lyrics are the very thing which have vanished from the rock scene.

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azazel | 12/10/2004, 18:11

altho i dun deserve this, u guys just dun lemme leave :) shall be back with an update soon

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Skank | 28/10/2004, 12:22

Dudue you must visit here :

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azazel | 07/11/2004, 01:49

lol.. thats hilarious man..

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