Car Trouble

aloque | 13/10/2004, 13:46 hrs

Slowly the feeling of living alone is sinking in again. The nights are always tough, especially when all that I care about is back home. I never made the mistake of thinking that I wouldn't experience loneliness again, but a lot of time has passed since the last time I was feeling lonely and it still bites. I think this is the first time I have had a longing for home. Usually I just tune myself out but this time, things are different.

I am buying a lot of new stuff, and that is always uplifting. Tearing oen the wrapping off a new purchase, accompanied by 2 or 3 days of loving obsessing, such as folding the new quilt as soon as i get up, taking care that it never touches the floor and making sure all the new toiletries have their own spots on the shelves (if i had chalk, i'd draw chalk circles to mark their spots) .

There has been a lot of looking around. Some stuff like batteries, I can look at 2 brands and make a quick choice, but when I have to buy a cell phone or say, ummmm, a car (yay!) my legs are getting very weary with all the looking around.

Also when a person is making so many purchases, he is bound to be faced with a million salespeople and Bangalore has some of the most irritatingly dedicated salesmen/women in the world. I almost kissed that girl who wouldn't pay me attention when I went to the Webworld on Brigade road. All the stories you hear about car salesmen being evil and manipulative....all 100% true. All of them are such BITCHES. It seems all the companies' sales talk and campaign material is written by old ladies who ran out of wool. All they can do is tell the customer how bad the other company's product is. I had a headache by the time I was through the day. But there was a payoff. I could drive the cars to the limit on the highway, the inner ringroad, the city. Man, it was awesome when the Tata salesman almost hit his head on the windshield when I was "testing" the brakes. He looked so bewildered and sputtered like a goldfish out of water. Beee yooo ti ful. "Oh! aren't you wearing your seat belt??", I admonished him and rammed the car into first and took off again. 

There was the guy who sold me the well loved quilt. (In a mallu accent) "Sir, this is a compact model. You can carry it anywhere you go....see.. there is a handle on the cover that is made of best quality plastic. But, sir, that is not the specialty. This blanket will keep you warm in the winter, and also give you cooling sensation in the summer".

Quite impressive, my quilt. Compact, comes with plastic handle that allows me to carry it anywhere, in-built thermostat. I felt like Jackie Chan in the Tuxedo.

ok..back to work...


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Responses to Car Trouble

  1. Hmm, Bangy, getting close to Chenai mate. Acci-dentally find yourself here some fine weekend and we shall party :)

  2. sure thing dude.. i'll drop a line when...

    in the meantime..wazzzaaaaaaaaaa

  3. lol that's funny. Man this is quite common, I had to go through this too but in another country atleast you are still in India just a few hours away. Visit home often when u are free n u'll be fine dude. :)

  4. i want own place. i want alone. i want quilt. more imporantly i want quilt weather. i want cat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

  5. lolzzz..worraaii! U write so well man. loved the chalk bit and the car brake bit...
    I dont care which one - as long as it has my backseat specifications! ;-)

  6. neuro man, your wish is my command or thats what i would say if you held a gun to my head...

  7. DUDE!


    geek dying a geek death.


  8. hey living alone again sounds like a lot of fun!how u?an guess what, happen to be in your lonely city right now.messaged u, but me got no replies :-( msg me till sunday.

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