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Bike for sale

Neurotron | 14 October 2004, 1:39pm

I guess this is as good a forum as any.

I would like to sell my bike. The details are as follows.

Hero Honda Splendor, Black, 99 September model. 34000 km done. It is in excellent driving condition. All original parts, very regularly serviced. New battery, clutch plates and rear wheel tube. With accessories - saree guard and tail light guard. Believe me, these accessories are a must. I've seen people refuse to buy a tail light guard because it doesn't look 'cool' or something, but I think it makes the bike look coolER. And I've seen brand new bikes get tail lights broken because some moron behind in traffic didn't brake in time. I believe some of the newer bikes don't even have this facility - the guy in the Honda showroom (for the Unicorn) didn't even KNOW what a tail light guard was.

These two accessories alone cost more than 500 bucks now.

It's been single user throughout. It's difficult to know the value of that fact, but people who know how careful a rider I am will vouch for it. Even after 5 years, the bike gives a mileage of 60, at least, in city driving conditions and 70 on highways. The pickup is not too bad, and does really well with a single rider. Of course, the pickup drops with pillion, but hey, it's a 100 cc 4-stroke bike - it has its limitations!

Lastly, I believe the number means a lot to some people, so I'll put that here too. I'm told it's a 'fancy number' - AP10 M 7008.

The asking price is Rs 25,000 and I've reached this figure after checking out quite a few other Splendors on the second hand market. I honestly believe my bike is worth it.

If anyone is interested, they are most welcome to contact me and check out the bike. Please leave your phone number and/or email id in the comments section, or mail me at

I am looking to sell within the next week or two - I will be putting an ad in the papers as well. So if you're interested, let me know asap!

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  1. 1. By Richard  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:39pm

    Can I have the bike redone in cornflour blue ?

  2. 2. By Wajid  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:40pm

    I want a number plate with ...786 in it. Can you help me ?

  3. 3. By Srinu  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:46pm

    FOR SALE :

    Kinetic Honda, sparingly used. Driven by Lady Doctor, 2001 model, new tires, music system, single owner, hyderabad showroom. Rs 21,000 ( negotiable.) Owner going abroad. Must sell today.

  4. 4. By Mahadevan  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:51pm

    One Grey colour Philips iron, 1987 model. Excellent condition, used sparingly ( i hardly ever iron my clothes ), but mostly used upside down for frying eggs. ( i live in a hostel )

    Willing to trade it for a table fan, or Rs 500 cash.

  5. 5. By Nitin-bhai  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:54pm

    I have old CDs of Pamela Andersen, as well as the entire series of Kkusum. I'm willing to trade them all for a set of the latest Pokemon 3D cards.

  6. 6. By Kamlesh  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:55pm

    Is the price Final ?

  7. 7. By Ali  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:57pm

    34000 Km exact or are you still using it ? Can you tell me the exact number of Km ?

  8. 8. By ShivaKumar  |  14 Oct 2004, 2:58pm

    Mr.Neurotron Do you have any old BCom text books ? I'd be willing to buy editions not earlier than 2000.

  9. 9. By Anik the Geek  |  14 Oct 2004, 3:09pm

    Just hang on a sec, Let me work out the math here :

    34000 km in 5 years is 6800 km a year, which works out to 566 km a month assuming you havent taken annual leave for the last 5 years - in which case it would be more.

    That works out to 24 km a day ( you work a 5 day week ).

    I checked with the RTA and they gave me an address of Begumpet, and I know you work in Ameerpet which is like 2 km one way.

    How on earth did you manage to clock the kind of distances you claim Mr Speedy Gonzalez ?

    Therefore one of the following must be true :

    1) You gave a fake address to the RTA.

    2) You gave a fake office address to me.

    3) You do not own a Splendor.

    4) You forgot to put a decimal point somewhere.

    5) You belong to a biker gang that cruises around the city all day long in leather jackets drinking Irani chai and smoking Charminar cigarettes.

    And so mom says i mustnt buy anything that you try to sell me. ( Including that inflatable rubber doll you were trying to sell me last week ).

  10. 10. By Suzy the Suzuki  |  14 Oct 2004, 3:11pm

    Is it a ladies bike or a gents bike ?

  11. 11. By Prasad  |  14 Oct 2004, 3:16pm

    Sir, is the Procrastinator like another Bajaj model similar to Eliminator ?

  12. 12. By Neurotron  |  14 Oct 2004, 3:42pm

    Richard : you can do whatever you want with the bike after you buy it. :-)

    Wajid: Im sorry, I dont think I can help you with that.

  13. 13. By Neurotron  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:02pm

    ~Kamlesh : The price is negotiable...

    ~Ali : I am still using it. The milometer now reads about 34,230 or so. I gave the 34,000 figure as a rough benchmark.

  14. 14. By Kamlesh  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:09pm

    How much is negotiable ? I need to know before i come to see the bike.

  15. 15. By Neurotron  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:18pm

    ~Kamlesh : send me a mail at this email id.
    Or leave your email id here and I will get back to you immediately. Thanks.

  16. 16. By Ali  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:40pm

    Why didnt you say 34500 instead ?

  17. 17. By Kamlesh  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:41pm

    email :

  18. 18. By Varun  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:49pm

    Anyone have back issues of Tinkle ( 1985 and earlier ), and willing to trade for Chandamama ?

  19. 19. By inez  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:50pm

    neuro's own bazeedotcom lolol...

  20. 20. By Igor  |  14 Oct 2004, 4:50pm

    ** Jumping In **

    Is this place like a flea market or something ?!!

    In which case i have this old pair of Levis 5 button classic.........

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