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Neurotron | 18 October 2004, 2:55pm

...but try to stop before you become incontinent.

After ages, my office firewalling system didn’t block Man, that site is addictive! If you’re a movie/tv buff, that is THE place. It’s like Neurotron in friggin' Wonderland when I go there... I’m just sorta wandering thru the pages, clicking on random links (bless my office for 100 Mbps net)…I LOVE that site.

Search for Saturday Night Live and you get links. Then, on the left, you get ‘memorable quotes’. I spent about 25 minutes looking at Chris Rock’s shows. My stummick started hurting with laughter after about 10. Then I made the ill-advised (but immensely enjoyable and totally not-regretted) trip over to Ali G. If you haven’t heard of him, or have never watched him in action, or don’t understand the Brit sense of humour and subcultures, you may not find it all that funny. But I had to keep stuffing my fist into my mouth to stop laughing out loud. People staring, me not caring – it was all good.

As it is, I’m a misfit here. I keep to my corner, look at strange, not those sites! (Those are all blocked, the damn things...) But sites with lot of ‘English’, and dark gothic sites, and sites of ‘English Rock Bands’, and ‘Blogs’... nobody has a friggin clue here, except one or two. Man, one day I will do a post on ‘My colleagues and other animals’. I have half of it done already.

But laughing is good. Very.

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  1. 1. By An Observer  |  18 Oct 2004, 3:55pm

    And your boss actually pays you to do all this on company time ?

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  18 Oct 2004, 5:11pm

    heh there IS at least one person who knows Da G. Good.
    Ya, I shld haf more respek for da animal inni'? Booyakasha!

  3. 3. By Ravi  |  18 Oct 2004, 5:48pm

    Man Ali G is too funny, I almost died laughing while watching his movie. I reckon his best interview on his show is the one with David n Victoria

  4. 4. By drp  |  18 Oct 2004, 6:34pm

    search up on Naked Gun and read the memorable quotes.



  5. 5. By inez  |  18 Oct 2004, 9:19pm

    i likes him! but i cant talk like him :)

  6. 6. By jai  |  19 Oct 2004, 6:21am

    in d house-Uncut

  7. 7. By Neurotron  |  19 Oct 2004, 10:58am

    ~Ravi: lmao. Man, that Beckham interview was toooo good! Im looking for the full version (instead of just clips)... And he's done interviews of famous Brit aristocrats, NASA officials, FBI guys - and totally ripped them apart.

    ~Payne: funny, those were too. But watching is a whole other thing...more than the centre of the screen, it's what happens on the periphery thats friggin brilliant and hilarious.

  8. 8. By Neurotron  |  19 Oct 2004, 11:01am

    ~inez: i iz tellin ya, we shud see wunnadem pitchers of his during a session...and get that laugh freak along, and get him stoned...we'd have a BLUDDY ball! Eh, Grinny? ;-)

    ~jai: do u have that one?

  9. 9. By whg  |  19 Oct 2004, 5:27pm

    hmm my colleagues and other animals inspired by gerald durrel?? my teacher used to like that book :-S

  10. 10. By Neurotron  |  19 Oct 2004, 5:36pm

    ~whg : yup. :-) Of course, his was 'My Family and other animals'.

  11. 11. By inez  |  19 Oct 2004, 5:42pm had a dragonfly on the cover and i always thought it was about dragonflies! and other animals... i am glad to say once i read it realised it wasnt hee

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