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29 Oct 2004

Rahasya | 29 October 2004, 10:41am

Cheese Omellete for breakfast today.

Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out of its butt"?


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Neurotron | 29 Oct 2004, 11:41am

what if it decided to poop immediately after that person said that, eh?
Would we be eating chicken shit for breakfast?

fallen angel | 29 Oct 2004, 12:21pm

So when u say "The first"... Does that mean that people all over are now eating chickin shit on their way to a healthy diet and happiness??

seriously, moron.

drp | 29 Oct 2004, 2:13pm

"See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out if its butt"?

ya know...if ya gonna type like one measly sentence, ya could atleast TYPE IT RIGHT!!!

geez! how much IQ does it need to type out ONE frigging question out correctly?

dude/dudette/dipshit, the best you could do is Copy-Paste it and save yourself the trouble, ya know.

seriously, what FA said.

whg | 29 Oct 2004, 10:42pm

wat is with u???this is some crappy forward my sis showed it to me yesterday tohtal crap!

Solanki | 30 Oct 2004, 7:35am

Who made u, oh! pompous fallen angle or angel or whatever, the blog proofer?

Why is the depraved.... i mean... D(e) R(epulsive) P(ooper) always kissing angel ass??? *kiss* *kiss*

Faithful sidekick syndrome? NO? Then why?

Sad is it not, when angels these days can find acceptance, joy and friendship only by facing a picture tube...fallen or otherwise.


And seriously, stop thinking you can write... because if you could, you would have had something remotely sensible to say, atleast sometimes??? You listening d r poopy-booby?

Godsakes!! Do something with your lives.... HoPpY halloween lunkheads.


drp | 30 Oct 2004, 11:44am

so are u "Rahasya"?

if so, then Hi Solanki.

Just one simple doubt, why don't you simply copy-paste the entire forward in one go and save yourself the trouble? Just a doubt.

I shall give all the allusions to my moniker a miss. Considering its the first show CLOSE to thinking that I've seen you do. Very proud of you.


fallen angel | 30 Oct 2004, 1:23pm

No no, it's called Lording Over The Lower Forms.

Yes, quite sad.. about facing the tube. You selling the Acceptance, Joy and Friendship? Why don't you throw in the Life (which I'm supposed to be gettin) and we call it a deal..

How can I do anything with my life, if I don't have one?

And oh yeah... OUCHHH!!

solanki | 31 Oct 2004, 12:59am

@ angle OUCXCHCH! is right!!! lagee na! good good.

@ d r poopoo... i am pround of you too u actaully commented before your lord and no kissing ass also. Good boy\girl/or whatever u maybe.

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