12:21AM. Oct.30th, 2004. A very awed world in Payne's mind.

Just done watchin Tere Naam. I've seen tragic movies before, I've felt sadness before but 'tis been a while since that. Green Mile and Sommersby are the only two I can recollect which had me utterly close to tears but this is the first hindi movie in a loooong time. The last one was Anand. Ok, before I go digressing onto all the movies I've seen or go categorising cinema as such, I just want to get some weight of me shoulders - Tere Naam.

Brutally tragic is what the movie is. Brutal for the ruthless way in which the story keeps taking that guy's life again and again, tragic 'coz well, its sad dammit. I'm almost certain that if I see the movie again, I'll laugh at it or do some sorta apeshit, but for now, I'm awed at the whole thing. Friggin hell, I actually cupped me hands to me mouth when Salman Khan falls off the parapet onto the metal junk *ouch* and the following scene where she comes to see him and doesn't turn around after leavin him there. C'mon! What type of a girl leaves sweets et al and doesn't turn around?! Especially when he's the "love of her life"...i was WILLING her to turn around. But no she don't, and she leave Radhe screaming n hollerin for her...n me all :( . Get this, the remote control fell outta muh hands at the last scene. There she is, all dead. He slumps down n cries and then smiles a smile of utter resignation. Ok, so it was expected, so I saw it coming, but to actually watch the scene, to grasp the truth that the poor bald, mangled, wretch of a man had run through a whole forest/lake/what-not in one night to reach Delhi on foot while bound by chains - arms, legs and all! It hurt. Big time. n then Radhe walks back onto the street, hugs his bro and climbs into the van to return to "Sriperdhum Ashram(or wtever)", Aslam hollering in the backdrop. He came back from the dead for her, she died for him. He was ready to live again for her, she couldn't live without him. Dipshits, I tell you, total dipshits. :|

Does love like that exist? The friggin movie nearly convinced me, but dam - does it?? Love so strong, love so timeless, love so binding - in death or in life. Love to last a whole lifetime. Is that love at all? What type of a person do you need to be to fall so utterly in love? To so completely drown in the same love which would cloud your eyes and make the rest of your life seem insignificant. Which would make you board the van back to the same place from where you'd just escaped - to a place you'd entered as a vegetable but escaped with a burning passion in your soul, alive again. Alive to live life for all its worth. Alive to live again with(or for?) people who loved him. Would you kill urself again?  What were you doing there in the first place?! Do goons like that end up getting the girl? How much of Salman's hair - in the first half - was real? Can I grow the mop on my head into somethin akin? How gay would I look then? Should I kidnap chics to get their attention now?

I'm done.


PS : Was gonna post about a whole lotta different things. Goddam movie f_kked up me mind. Right it did. :|

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