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30 Oct 2004

Rahasya | 30 October 2004, 10:32am

I was digging my ear while reading the comments on my earlier post made by all the self-appointed critics on FH when i thought :

Can you make a candle out of your earwax?

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woolgatherer | 30 Oct 2004, 11:32am

Here's a question for you : Can you make a sweater out od your hair? They do out of sheeps... can you make leather of your skin?
An answer for you:
Anything man is every going to produce, either voluntarily or involuntarily, is going to be crap.

drp | 30 Oct 2004, 11:47am

If I did...would you light it up and stick it up your behind?

Then you'd be the first to have done that. If so, then would you post askin - "Who was the first man who stuck up a lighted candle up his butt and said - hey! that feels warm! ?"

*sigh* You're making people think. I give up.

Rahasya | 30 Oct 2004, 4:33pm

Woolgatherer, interesting similes you draw.

Assuming you are a product of your parents ( and assuming they are human ), that would make you....??

Amy | 30 Oct 2004, 4:43pm

I think these crazy thoughts are quite cute. Its better than a lot of the other stuff i see on full hyd anyway, and besides, its been giving me a nice chuckle for the past few days.

so drp, i think you should back-off.

rahasya doesnt force you to read his posts. neither does he send them as unsolicited email to you.

He doesnt claim they are his "originally" crazy thoughts either.

and besides, lets face it, we've all thought about goofy stuff like this at some time or the other.

i've also visited your blog ( on which i wont comment at this time ). and i dont see rahasya posting hateful stuff there.

i also saw the stuff you posted on Richa's blog.

do you always have to have the last word ?

people's attention can be had in more socially appropriate ways you know.....

just because its the web, and it offers you anonymity doesnt give you the right to abuse it.

i'm sure you wouldnt have the courage to say any of the stuff you do if we met you on the street.

think about that and lighten up.

eminem | 30 Oct 2004, 5:15pm

agree with amy.

dawn | 30 Oct 2004, 6:13pm

me too, agree wid amy.

Jaan | 30 Oct 2004, 9:22pm

Payne baby, you gonna take this?Waiting for the next explosive episode of "The Comments Section" soap opera. LOL :)

drp | 30 Oct 2004, 10:45pm

Amy, looks I rubbed off d wrong way. Though I dunno why I'm rubbin anyone in the first place. :-S You've put up your statements, and me bein "drp" ought to reply and you do deserve a reply.

Sure, rahasya doesn't force me to read his posts, sure he doesn't claim they're original. This is where I give up. The fact that nowhere did he claim that they were his original thoughts is so very true, but its also true that I never blamed him for not being "original". Neither did I say that he lacks "creativity", all I said is that he lack common sense to copy-paste *shrugs*.

You said that we've thought about goofy stuff like this, sure we would have. And one of us went and compiled all of this into one neat forward which was received by Mr/Ms/Mrs.Rahasya here who decided to share it with us - one question a day. Do I have a problem with that? Hell yes, I do. Should I have a problem with that? Not really. But I guess, whatever floats your boat is fine by me. You(Rahasya) keep posting and I'll keep commenting. No where am I attacking your originality or your apparent thinking abilities, you do your thing, I'll have my fun. Coz I can see a lot of people are also havin fun. We're playing to an audience, lets make it worthwhile.

Finally, back to Amy. Sorry for digressing and addressing Rahasya. Your last two lines ring true, it IS the web and I DO have a my share of anonymity here. But if this was a forum outside where people had met("on the street"), and if somebody was expressing "thoughts" which were not their own, do you think that SOMEONE wouldn't react?

This is not about courage, this is not about attention. This is just about being real. This is his blog, he has his rights over it. Am jus puttin in my own lil 0.02$ every once in a while.

Lastly, Amy - meet me on d street and make me lighten up. :D The ways to contact moi are many. Thank you for the enlightenment. Hope this was worth it.

woolgatherer | 30 Oct 2004, 11:12pm

Glad you were able to make that logical extension... precisely what i intended to imply... if that is what i am..what does it make you...

drp | 31 Oct 2004, 1:34am

we're all a bunch of crap in a big pile of shit.

welcome to the world my fellow fullhydies.

howz it going?

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