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Neurotron | 1 November 2004, 4:17pm

Here, take these words of yours.
No, no, with the right.
Grip them, with all your might
Now, plunge them deep into my flesh.

But wait! Let me turn around first.
I’d like you to feel right at home.

Here, let’s have a look at those shifty eyes.
Mirror you for what you are
Sly, furtive, wannabe, pseudo rock star
Then, hit me across my face with your falseness

But wait! Let me turn around first.
I’d like you to feel right at home.

How is it you can wait
years, with those seedlings of hate
now sprouting blooms of black
waiting to sting, blood taste
as soon as I turn my back...

Current Mood: Irreverent
Current Music: Breathing Light - Nitin Sawhney

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  1. 1. By subliminalGuru  |  1 Nov 2004, 5:17pm


  2. 2. By Aran  |  1 Nov 2004, 11:04pm

    How the heck do you pack so much feeling into mere words? It just flows off the screen into you, solid. Mind-blowing!

  3. 3. By syko_ceramic  |  2 Nov 2004, 1:57am

    bloddy neat!
    i mean...neat...without ice...bitchin!


  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  2 Nov 2004, 9:24am

    ~sG: thank you. :-)

    ~Aran: Thank you. :-) I'm glad it's had the desired effect...

    ~syko: lol. neat, without ice katte..ha ha ha! thanks man.

  5. 5. By aloque  |  2 Nov 2004, 11:29am

    woraaai, i am going to say this only once, bike ammeste maatram inta baaga raasestaava?

    nenu kuda ammesta...

  6. 6. By inez  |  2 Nov 2004, 1:17pm

    ok...can i lkease that out and throw it at some people? sheh...its not fair all you non litt ppl wit all the writing talent... :)

  7. 7. By Neurotron  |  2 Nov 2004, 1:40pm

    worraaii! Sacrilege!
    Jade ni ammestaava??

  8. 8. By patch  |  2 Nov 2004, 6:52pm

    haven't been here in a while :) cha, must not forget my roots. how you, bikeless neuro?

  9. 9. By tabrez  |  3 Nov 2004, 3:04am

    you're a pleasing read!

  10. 10. By Neurotron  |  3 Nov 2004, 9:17am

    patchhiiiieee!! ess, must not forget roots. And am not bikeless - have Grinny's for the moment. Sweet. :-D

    ~tabrez: thanks, dude. :-)

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