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2 Nov 2004

Echoes in the Darkness

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 6:35am

the off-white blankness beckons again
inviting the smoothened flow of pen
neat, lined, single-ruled sheets
waiting to absorb vacuous troubled state

frantic words,
poured out,
trip over themselves
scratch against the paper
in their haste to escape
from suffocating, constricting mind-brain

but it's been done
too many times
i guess i am immune to the cure
the unburdening on paper fails to soothe

the serenity i crave
remains imprisoned somewhere
behind the rib-cage
screaming fultilely, echoing the darkness.

-- written just now.
While I was writing this, I had the image of my mind being a closed place with pitch-black darkness, and my thoughts shimmering like ghosts in there... surrounding me, mocking me.

-- I read it over objectively and realised how totally depressing it is. But I cannot stop the craziness. It's like the fascinating absorption I had for staring at Veerappan's morbid bullet-hole-in-the-head photo on the front pages. Sometimes the mind is a sick place.

Current Music: A dog howling outside, low full-throated howls

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  1. By diva

    2 Nov 2004, 7:35am [ Reply ]

    sure it is depressing...but very well written!!

  2. By Neurotron

    2 Nov 2004, 9:45am [ Reply ]

    Oh my.
    Very nice, as was the last post.
    Morbid fascination of the sick mind...hmmm...interesting.

  3. By tabrez

    2 Nov 2004, 12:42pm [ Reply ]

    so u did post it. had a feeling you would.

  4. By Pye

    2 Nov 2004, 3:38pm [ Reply ]

    Thanks diva and Neurotron. Interesting, yes. It's strange how I can look at something like this from outside myself, dispassionately.

    tabrez, the relative anonymity helps. And how do you know it's the same?

  5. By tabrez

    3 Nov 2004, 2:13am [ Reply ]

    i just do.

  6. By James Joyce

    7 Nov 2004, 4:23pm [ Reply ]

    Oh my... Why the blues? Nice piece, all the same. Indeed so :)

  7. By James Joyce

    7 Nov 2004, 4:25pm [ Reply ]

    By the way, I put up another poem (WIFE) on caferati yesterday, take a look!

  8. By James Joyce

    7 Nov 2004, 8:46pm [ Reply ]

    I just had a look at your blogspot blog - left a comment on 'Monochrome Thought'.

  9. By James Joyce

    8 Nov 2004, 12:49am [ Reply ]

    And yes, I've joined up here too! http://riverrun.fullhydblogs.com/

  10. By Pye

    8 Nov 2004, 9:46pm [ Reply ]

    Glad you liked this. :)

    And thanks so much for the comment on Monochrome Thought. That's one of my best ones. :)

  11. By James Joyce

    12 Nov 2004, 12:31am [ Reply ]

    Pye, new poem on caferati.

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