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Its High Time !

Posted by Bigmouth | 02/11/2004 16:09

Warning : Serious Stuff ahead. Those looking for humor my move on to the links.

I wanted to write a few lines of poetry about what I wanted to say, but figured Bilbo is far better at this sorta stuff, So why not quote him ::

The Road goes ever on and on< ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say.


Bilbo Baggins, 

This may sound like ramblings from a guy with an inflated ego, or someone who is trying to elevate his stand. But All i'm doing is measuring for myself where I stand.

"Thinking too much" has filled my mind for the past few months. And I've been a pain to those around me during this. Mostly becoming the butt of many jokes, but some of them do acknowledge the path I'm on and respect it. This is all I need to go ahead and see more.

I stress now on thought, or the lack of it. Recalling a question that propped up during one of my conversations: "If you were in Pandora's situation. When the world was Utopic, no worries, diseases or problems. When you were satisfied with the world as it is, would you Open a box not knowing what is in it ?"

Many of those whom i've asked this question say - 'Why think about stuff like this ?' , 'Why complicate your life?', 'Why can't you leave things as they are ?' and 'If it ain't broke, Don't fix it.' . Personally, not knowing Sucks. I was never happy with letting things be. Call it restlessness or curiosity. I was fingering the TV, screwing up Stereo systems. I had to know !!

I'd open Pandora's box, or any box that comes my way. Has this gotten me into trouble ? Of course it has. But what I am now is only because of this thinking, Opening boxes.

Is it a waste of time ? Not if you follow this path whole-heartedly. Think only for the sake of thinking. Do not Think because someone asks you to. Think for yourself.

Thinking about stuff like this won't change who you are. It'll only make you aware of what you are. I feel a certain sese of completeness when I think. It does Justice to the brain and intellect given to me.

Look for answers, Try understand things around you. Don't leave spaces dark.

Again. I don't feel any sense of superiority. Life is good without all this thought. There's a certain level of 'being at peace with yourself' you attain when you get somewhere with this thinking. The random guy on the road will have his happy life. But for me, I feel more complete. No vagueness in life. Everything makes a little more sense.

Try doing this. Think. As Bilbo says, Follow the road. Don't leave things as they are. It doesn't make life any more complicated. In fact it simplifies the whole world. You'll understand !! Things will look so much more beautiful .


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Current Music: Watching the Video of The Wall While writing this on paper. FLOYD = GOD.


  1. Posted by Toeplitz
    2 Nov 2004, 5:09pm

    'Fingering' the TV and 'screwing' up stereo systems.... hmmm... interesting actually! But did you derive any pleasure from it all?

  2. Posted by romu
    2 Nov 2004, 6:38pm

    !was here!

  3. Posted by hs
    2 Nov 2004, 9:29pm

    hmmm..i dont 'think' theres anythin like 'thinkin too much' its all about 'thinkin' the rite stuff at the rite time....or maybe there is ....lemme 'think' hmmmm....

  4. Posted by Jai
    3 Nov 2004, 4:46am

    About thinking. U do have to think about the consequences of opening boxes my friend. Like, say u have a box, what if its filled with thermite that kills not just u, but a larger population when u open it?

  5. Posted by whg
    3 Nov 2004, 6:07pm

    hi :)

  6. Posted by Bigmouth
    3 Nov 2004, 8:16pm

    @Toeplitz: I had that coming !
    @Jai: It was a metaphor. Boxes = Unchartered Territory in Mental space. + Isn't it exactly how the Nucleur bomb was created in the first place. Ppl Just had to know. That's why we have Science where it is today.
    @Romu: .
    @whg: Hi ! :p

  7. Posted by Bilbo Baggins
    3 Nov 2004, 9:04pm

    Who the Ef gave you the right to use mi poem.! !!!

    Youl hear from mi lawyers for this!

    Gandalf,screw bigmouth's life up please.

  8. Posted by drp
    3 Nov 2004, 9:30pm

    O M G!

    the silent spectator speaks!

    and preaches too... :-S

    *was here too*


    ps : wtf. i'm missin on a CERTAIN section on dis page. [-x

  9. Posted by Bigmouth
    5 Nov 2004, 2:57am

    @Payne: Elaborate on your PS.

  10. Posted by drp
    5 Nov 2004, 3:45pm

    Top-right corner.

    A certain LINKS section... :D :D :D

    attention-whore that i am... :-"

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