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ajayg | 03 November, 2004 13:20

After 8 years, i am back in hyderabad to work. The previous time i came hyderabad was a smaller city with banjara at one end and uppal at another. I used to stay in Somajiguda working @ secunderabad. It was the dawn of IT in hyderabad.

What a transformation

Today, i see a different hyderabad. Covering kondapur, gatchibowli and wherever i see its development.

When i got the offer from Microsoft hyderabad, i thought oh no!! Gosh, i have to go to this dirty traffic indisciplined city, where my car would have nothing but dents.

I come to begumpet airport and see wow!! what a transformation. Probably since my expectations were in -100 even 10 would mean to me 110. So perception counts. Still its not much different, the cab driver who drove the car drove like a maniac at the wee hours in the morning when there was no other vehicle around.

Made me feel, anything can change but not attitudes :(

Anyway, i have arrivied.



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trueblue hyderabadi | 03/11/2004, 14:20

Where did u come down/up from?

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Ajay | 03/11/2004, 14:27

I am from Chennai, a telugu speaking tamilian lived almost 20+ years in chennai, 2 years in Germany, 6 months in japan, some time in US and some more time in some 12 other countries.

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trueblue hyderabadi | 04/11/2004, 04:54

Wow..wow... thats extra information. I just asked u where u came from. not where in the world u ve been.
Anyway, once again, a warm welcome to hyderabad and fullhyd.

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