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anachrone | 07 November, 2004 18:12

Anyone knowing anything of military mores



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Anil | 07/11/2004, 19:12

Welcome....a clarification....are you the same james joyce of rediff yore?

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James Joyce | 07/11/2004, 19:21

Mais oui, Anil! The Lord was merciful to mankind when He made only one of us!

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James Joyce | 07/11/2004, 19:23

But I do have my rediff blog too:

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Anil | 07/11/2004, 19:38

Ah...good...thats where you are now...coz there was so much confusion with your old blog on rediff...someone using ur name? etc.. etc.....and what brings you to the virtual shores of good ole Hyd? Hope you find what you are looking for here!

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James Joyce | 07/11/2004, 20:17

I'm not sure I'm looking for anything, Anil :) As for Hyd, it's my roots, long lost...I'm an Andhra :)

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