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anachrone | 07 November, 2004 21:10

(A reply to Anil's comment on the post below).                                                                 


Strange that you hope I find what I seek.

Often I



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Anil | 07/11/2004, 22:10

And life-
Does not have grails
On offer
It is a meandering stream
Where we are the stones
Smoothened by time and

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Aran | 08/11/2004, 21:17

OMG. This is like... poet-land!

Peeping in to say welcome, O new one.

I'm this pathetic character who comments everywhere. Nice addition to the fh blogworld, you. :)

How I wish I could say all of the above in verse. Sigh.

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James Joyce | 08/11/2004, 23:28

Thank you Aran! You haven't left a link! Please leave one so that I may visit :)

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Aran | 09/11/2004, 05:03

Here you go. :)

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