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Off to Guntakal

ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:14

Its been almost more than a decade I visited my aunts and uncles who are from the district. These people are the still traditional people who are in the townships. Both my dad and mom native is in the middle of rayalaseema, the spice of Andhrapradesh. Though I was born and brought up in Chennai. My mom had advised me to meet my granny who is sick. So I planned to go to Guntakal.

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Guntakal is a town known as a big junction for the < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Bombay trains to Chennai. I remember how I used to come here and play with the kids. I learnt how to cycle for the first time in here. We used to come for our summer vacation and spend time with our granny and granddad.


I did not book the train, since my stay over the weekend was already in too many rounds of discussions. But I was determined to go. I was either to go to Delhi to conduct some interviews this week or not. So when my boss told me that I need not go this time, I said voila and started planning.


I had my train from kacheeguda to Gtl the Bangalore going train from hyderabad.  Its after a very long time I am traveling in the south bound trains (though I had been to hyderabad from Chennai 3 months ago). But after started working, I never went in a general ticket to any place.


I had my train @ 8.40 and until 7.15 I had a meeting with my boss, I asked him if he could drop me in the station. My boss and I have some similarities, he has my favourite car (Scorpio). I will tell you why I did not buy a scorpio in a diff episode, and its in dark green. My car is also green (same pinch boss!!).


The driver started to go and we asked him to drop me off to kacheeguda. Faced the reality of traffic in hyderabad. It took us almost all 1 hour to go to kacheeguda. I told my boss that he would have to drop me in kondapur if I don


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