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ajayg | 08 November, 2004 23:42

I had booked my ticket from gtl to hyd and had a w/l 3. It became a RAC and i had to share with another gentleman. I cannot sleep then, sleep deprievation is the most biggest punishment for any individual living or dead ;).

The train strated and i went and saw all the berths if there is any empty to go and have a sleep. I found one berth empty and informed the TTE that it is empty, he said it cannot be and had a tough argument and he gave up :) i am very good @ negotiation. I told him if someone comes and claims it i wud give the berth away. He atlast agreed (he thot he could make up some money).

It was fun to watch his face in public relenting after the tough fight, he was about to sell it to someone else for money and also another guy with a RAC number smaller than mine was also wanting some berth.

But somehow i managed to get it and sleep, and noone woke me up until the train reached kacheeguda.

I took the ric to kondapur and the auto guy did not know the road (or was he acting) and he made me pay 100 for kacheeguda to kondapur that was way expensive.

Came home and found the house to be locked !!

Asked the watchman to open the door and went for a second round of nap!! 


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