10 May 2004

A Beginning

Posted by Pye in Poetry | 7:57am

The first entry in my blog. I feel like it's a momentous occassion. It should be something worthwhile. Since this blog is more or less meant to be a collection of my thoughts, let me start with what was on my mind last night. A poem, as it was written, unedited.

Limping along on the crutch of humour
Cloaks of sarcasm wrapped around
Moving behind a facade of wit
Sharp repartee close at hand

Who is this?
Which facet is true?
A merging of different personas;
Or broken pieces; dysfunctional?

Deceiving myself, or the world?
The answers shimmer, just out of reach.
Stumbling through the images I've built
I wonder if I'm lost to me.

Thoughts: Sometimes I have this feeling that I am standing outside myself and looking inside, detached, objective. Do I like what I see? Do I see my true self? If I am supposed to be me, in touch with myself, then how come I'm standing out there?

So this blog is now off to a start. Appropriately I hope, as a glimpse into my self.

Current Mood: Thoughtful
Current Music: Silence

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  1. By callisto

    13 Jun 2004, 3:41am [ Reply ]

    a good start! indeed

  2. By Pye

    21 Jun 2004, 4:09pm [ Reply ]

    THank you.

  3. By Avinash

    10 Jan 2006, 11:16am [ Reply ]


    You are simply awesome and your blog -fabulous.I was really touched by your thoughts that were so well wreathed in the poems.At times your melancholy and pensive mood exhibited, touch a chord with my pumping organ.
    Keep it up.
    All the best.


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