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anachrone | 11 November, 2004 18:24


At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of far off 1918 the guns fell silent on the Western Front. The lamps which went out all over Europe four terrible years before on an early August evening would never be lit again; the Edwardian twilight faded permanently into the gloom. The muffled drums of retreat rolled the recessionals everywhere, and friend and foe alike stood still with bowed heads for the most moving piece of music in all creation, the Last Post.

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The decades since have seen many questionable wars, a few dubious peaces; but man



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drp | 11/11/2004, 19:24

Dude. DONT BE GLOOMY! !! !! !


Saw so much of that gloomy icon on ScriptWriter's blog, but this one somehow gets to me. NO idea why.



PS : left my lin. 'cuz of d fact dat u like ppls doin so :p

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drp | 11/11/2004, 19:25

awwrite. that link never ended up displayin itself. :-L

there u go.

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Pye | 12/11/2004, 13:03

Saw Employee Census on Caferati. It so reminds me of a poem which chronicled the life of a common man (after his death) - in about the same way as yours does. For the life of me I can't remember the poet or the name of the poem.

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James Joyce | 12/11/2004, 18:31

Pye, thank you! My poem however is not so much a chronicle as a poet's (impish?) reaction to a piece of prosaic officialese in the course of business: I just saw poetic possibilities in a questionnaire. Needless to say, my employers probably wouldn't be amused at the slightly unorthodox use to which I put their solemn document :)

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latino | 14/11/2004, 12:47

take it easy on the latin bitch

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