Rice moves up

Anti_American | 16/11/2004, 15:58 hrs


( pic courtesy Yahoo )


Just take a look at him.

Can he look more nerdy ?

Dont you just want to do some serious hurt to this man ? ( By merely seeing his face )


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Responses to Rice moves up

  1. i second that!

  2. Bush SUX... the Rice bitch SUX... Powell SUX......
    But dude why the name, I mean the above mentioned all suck big time but everything about America cannot be totally bad..... I mean aren't they just like us???.... just wondering.

  3. Damn ur rite BUsh is full of bullshit. Allthouhg all my frnds in collg voted for Kerry, BUsh won bcuz the wid an entrance of Democrats the Banks will git a run HUH a reason to vote for bush ha

  4. the guy is retarded chimp! look at him!

  5. lol

  6. Have you noticed? he's beginning to look more and more like a chimpanzee than you can imagine..
    You guys should see farhenheit 9/11 if you havent seen it already, that guy? Michael Moore? He's brilliant.

  7. Visit N.Raja

    I think you scumbags from india are Liberals. America is a country usually ruled by conservatives , that why America is so prosperous .Repulicans in US are the conservatives. I am unhappy to see you fellow Indians speak such shit about George W Bush. He is the Best President US had in Recent years . Yes , better than even Ronald Reagan .
    Forgive me for my personal opinion , when you people sneak into america to earn your dollars , you better get a rectal Job done by some republicans living in that country , it will help you feel better about your President George W Bush. You Bloody Gays !

    George W Bush's Dick is definitely larger than YOU People's Brains.


  8. Visit V.K Subramanium

    Why don't my fellow Indians learn to respect a leader ,who is at the forefront of world's war on Terror.

    I know you people are impotent , so you are sitting around having a Kashmir problem for the last 50 years.Your prime Minister rushes to America , whenever there is a Big Problem.
    Remember Terror Attack on the Parliament.

    Remember When Air India place was hijacked to Afghanistan.

    It's because of impotent people like you , we have prime ministers who are equally impotent.Remember Atal Biharee Vajpayee or Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru ???

    India sucks because of Indians like you!!!

    Tony Blair & George W Bush are best leader ever in the Global War against Terror

  9. Visit Aurobindo Ghosh

    Whenever I see Bill Clinton on TV , I Feel Like giving him a BIG KICK in his Groin .He deserves to raped homosexually by being penetrated from behind. I think he is GAY.

    What do you people think of this Former President ?

  10. Visit Tina

    All of you hate George W Bush ?

    Hi ? How about engaging in Homosexual relationships ?

    I think it's the homosexuals who hate Bush & everybody else loves him.

  11. Visit Polish Man

    Hon'ble President George W Bush is among the Greatest Presidents of this Century.

    A lot of Women really love George W Bush , since he has a Great Character & Personality.

    He is MAN at the forefront in the "War On Terror" & his busy spreading Democracy in the volatile middle East.

    But George W Bush is not Popular among minorities , example the Arabs & Muslims. He is also HATED by Homosexuals & Prostitutes ( even Lesbians ) in Both US & world Over.

    Let's all Cheer the Greatest Leader of the 21st Century.

    He is very popular in Poland.

    Thanks ,

    The Polish Man

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