19 Nov 2004

Watch out Guys or will have to fight for your rights one day !!

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Suicide rates in India:
National Suicide rate is: 11 people per 100,000

For males in the age group of 30 to 44, the Suicide rate is a whopping 508 per 100,000 persons; for women it is 220. The Suicide rates among men in the age group of 45 to 59 is a shocking 1,812 per 100,000 persons and among women, nearly 550. So much more people are dying due to SOWRY harassment than the DOWRY harassment.
Among divorced males the suicide rate is 164 per 100,000 persons, but even in this class, among females the rate is only 63 per 100,000. While the suicide rate for separated men is about 167, for females it is only 41 per 100,000 persons.

Since last one year, there is a Helpline (91-80-56969850) in Bangalore for distressed men and their family members. It receives about 20 calls in a week from the men who are distressed due to harassment by the wife or her parents. The callers include many techies working in reputed firms and NRIs(Nonresident Indians/Indians living outside india). As soon as someone calls the helpline, his complaint is heard and he is called for a face-to-face discussion during which a lawyer and a counsellor are present.
The NGO(non-Government Organisation) called Sangyabalya and the helpline were launched by H V Arun Murthy, a freelance writer originally from Bangalore, who was living happily in Delhi until he was summoned by a court as an accused in a dowry case filed by his sister-in-law. Murthy says his brother married a girl from an orphanage. The marriage went bad very fast and has now ended in a dowry harassment complaint that put Murthy, his brother, and some other family members in jail for a short period.

"Who could have paid dowry for that girl? The orphanage authorities?" demands an angry, white-haired, single Murthy.
"The courts are always sympathetic to women," he told "Even our laws do not recognise the possibility of wives and daughters-in-laws ill-treating husbands and old in-laws. I know of so many cases where section 498-A [of the Indian Penal Code] has just been used as an instrument of blackmail. But public sympathy is all for the perpetrators of the crime. More than 90 per cent of dowry cases filed are dismissed. But no punitive action is taken against the women who file the cases, even though it is sometimes proved that they lied under oath."
Under the Indian Penal Code of 498a, the police only require one line in writing from a woman, that her husband/his parents/his brothers/sisters are harassing her physically or mentally with demands of dowry. It is as easy as ordering a Pizza. The Police are bound to act by arresting all the accused (including mothers, unmarried sisters) with immediate effect without investigation, send them to Judicial Custody (prison) . This has led to a growing trend of women and her dominant parents harassing the husband and her family and then threatening them of the false complaints in case they resist. So the poor guy and his family tolerate fearing the worst. As this continues, the demands start increasing finally leading to situation when the battered husband and his family could no longer tolerate and they stand up. Then the woman goes for the final kill by filing the case. The imprisoned husband and his family can’t get bail for at least 2 days. If the girl’s family has good connections in corrupt indiansystem then the stay in prison can continue for even a month. Often, huge amounts of money is demanded from the guy and his parents for out of court settlements. Many Techies and NRIs in a state of continuous, iterative victimization and defamation, simply comply.
Sangyabalya can be contacted at 91-80-56969850. Their email address is


For more details visit the following link and also view the full message board.
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  1. By Ravi

    19 Nov 2004, 8:20am [ Reply ]

    That's terrible. This is the ugly side of an all powerful act. I reckon the person filing the complaint should be isolated and put in safe custody until the complaint is investigated, this way we don't have any misuse and the person filing the complaint is safe if in the first place she/he needed to be kept safe.

  2. By Andhroid

    20 Nov 2004, 12:24am [ Reply ]

    Lol, looks like you are on a crusade.

  3. By another_one

    5 Apr 2005, 2:27am [ Reply ]

    Dowry cases to come under community policing plan
    Jangveer Singh
    Tribune News Service

    Patiala, April 2, 2005
    In a major policy shift, Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) in all five districts and three police districts in Patiala Zone have been asked to exercise restraint while proceeding against members of families charged under various dowry crimes.

    The district police chiefs have been directed by Patiala Zonal Inspector-General of Police Rajinder Singh to arrest the accused in such cases only after a comprehensive inquiry.

    Sources said these directions had been passed after a survey by the police revealed that a large number of false cases were being filed by women against their in-laws.

    Besides asking the district police chiefs of Patiala, Sangrur, Barnala, Fatehgarh Sahib, Ludhiana, Ropar, Jagraon and Khanna, which fall under the Patiala Zone, to exercise restraint, all have also been asked to take dowry cases under the ambit of the community policing programme.

    This system has already started yielding results with 4,698 disputes being referred to various districts in the zone last year. As many as 3,673 cases were solved through reconciliation. The community cell solved another 369 cases through mutual divorce.

    Zonal IG Rajinder Singh, when contacted, said it had been decided to change the police strategy with regard to dowry cases after reports that in some cases, members of the accused family had committed suicide because of the humiliation suffered by them. He said the force had been given specific directions on how they should react after a dowry case was registered.

  4. By another_one

    5 Apr 2005, 2:28am [ Reply ]

  5. By Mohammed Shujath : Advice

    10 Feb 2009, 10:25pm [ Reply ]

    Name Mohammed Shujath

    Home Town Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

    Marrige Date 21-June-2007


    Spouce Qualification Intermediate Discontinue

    Facing 304(B)

    Yes 16th April 2008

    Divorce Already Given the Divorce

    Divorce date 20-02-2008

    Childrens Nil

    Case pending Nil

    respected Sir

    I got the marrige on 21-june-2007 after few days means(15Days) i found she was lauging,broken mirror,abusing me,ran away from the home,burning photos,trying to cutting the hand vein with bangle,trying to hang ceiling fine,blast the water heater,open the gas cylinder,crying,spitting on me and mother etc.Immediately i rush to IMH(Institute od mental health) Erragada,the doctors exmine and inform me she was mentally abnormal.Again i rsuh the Gandhi Hospital,the Pshy(Doctor) exmine and inform me she was having the problem since child hood.One day she was attempted suicide at my home she swalloed the chunk of glass,immediately rush to Osmania Hospital under critical condition,then police came and take the statement from her,she informed the police her matenal uncle perform my marrige,He(Maternal Uncle) is responsible if she was die because he(Maternal Uncle) kept my property doucements etc.Then i invistage the girl baackround her maternal uncle arrane this marrige,he keppt me in dark,at teh time of marrige he told me and my family she was 22 years old SSC,Home town Mehidaptnam,her father forest engineer.before the marrige her(Bride) mother expire,she was alone brother working in Gulf.her maternal Uncle MBBS doctor blindly believe his conversation and perform marrige so and so date.

    After the marrige i found her hair white,age nearly 36 years and her house is another way,her brother is in india.

    She suffered mentally unsound i treated so many hospital,after that i was also suffered and decide to give the divorce to her,take advice our prominent(Mullaha) they issue the Fatwa to give the divorce to her because her maternal uncle kept you in dark and perform the marrige.

    before the divorce i have given the written complain to 1) Commissioner of Police 2) deputy comissioner of police 3) Assistant commissioner of police 4) Circle inspector Areawise 5) women police of commissioner about the forgery marrige and spoil my life.But the Judicial Power have not taken aginst them and simpy told me this family matter its better to approach the Family court.Just they issued me Acknoweledgement Receive the complain.

    Fainally as per the Muslim(Shariath) Muslim Personal Law i prounance the divorce in fron of qazi,decelered in the news paper and get the divorce certificate and send one notice to her maternal uncle through lawyer and one notice from the qazi he was not accepeted.

    and intimate also consult PS,there is realtion with my wife,iwas given the divorce and got the acknowledgement receipt from the consult PS.

    After the divorce her maternal uncle defame me my work place,Threatning me,again i had given the complain to same judical power just they spoke to her maternal uncle.

    I was given the divorce on 20-02-2008,the girl which i was given the divorce her maternal uncle not take care her properly,she was attempted suicide and die,her maternal uncle put me false case,as i was harrassed her that she was taken extreme step.her maternal uncle misguide the police,her maternal uncle not inform the police about the divorce

    When the police arrest me send into jail

    How is it possible sir i was given the divorce to her there is no realtion with me,I request the police officer you agin invistigation about this matter,i give the so many information the girl,she mentally abrnomal,i was her previous mental certificate before the marrige her treatment ran,IMH Hopital,Gandhi Hospital,Woodland Hospital,Asha Mental Care Hospital,Previous Treatment Certificate before the marrige her maternal uncle kept me dark about her mentally,date of birth,simply told the police officer to me all this thing prove in court.the police put suit on me 304(B) Dwory death.

    I was also deposited the Maher(Maintanace) amount to qazi office and declared the divorce.

    What is the next step plz suggest me Thanking you

  6. By Sitaram : Dowry death-A 98 % false cases

    12 Apr 2010, 3:06pm [ Reply ]

    My Dear friends,

    I am ready to proove that there is no “DOWRY DEATH” in India.
    My self is a victim of Dowry Death allegations and very well know about the truth of this phrase.

    I am open to debate on this topic anywhere in this world in front of any authority or person.
    before going into this discussion, I would like to get the answer of my two questions:

    Q1. Do you have attended any marriage in which you know that, this bride will be murdered for not fulfilling the demand/ expectation of Dowry.

    Q2. If you go outside for a week then, “Will you keep your doggy/ pet into the place where his proper care will not be done”?


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