Greetings folks of

The last time I asked you to wish me luck, I got jacked. But I've never learned from my mistakes, thus here goes>>>>> WISH ME LUCKKK!!!!!

2mro, Nov.21st 2004 is CAT - Common Aptitude Test.... n here I be, loungin on a creaky chair wearing my torn shorts....better do somethin useful now...CHECK LIST FOR TOMMOROW!! oh YEAH!! :|

HB Pencils - check. 2 sharpened, 2 brand new, 2 blunt. Shall pick only 3 of those....geez!!
A pen - check. Montex Megatop, Cello gripper and a green thingy in front of me...tough choice...:-l
Presence of grey matter in d cranium - *check*
Best undies - check ... the white ones with the holes n all...-comfort this is thy meaning.
Jeans - check ... deep blue, no holes.
T-shirt - check ... white, black or yellow? hmmm..
Eraser and Sharpener - check ... though i might buy a new one....jus for the whole "exam" feeling..
Inspirational Music - check ... Boys - Secret of Success :D
Watches - check ... 1 Digital thingy with no strap and 1 RED Analog FOSSIL
Deo - check.
Chappals - check ... muh trusty homypeds...comfy as ever...stinkin as ever.

Anythin else?! dont think so for now...:D

now gimme those WISHES ppls!....GIMME THOSE WISHES I SAY!

Somewhere between worried, expectant and high.
Thy Lord and Master Payne.





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