Is this when i look around and wonder,
           Wonder how the worlds changed in one moment,
          Is this when i sit down ,and look back ,
            Look back at what made me this way,
          Is this when i wonder ,where i went so wrong,
           Went so wrong that now bliss seems so far away,
           Is this when i shut myself off,
            Shut myself from the questions,the answers and the pain,
           Is this when i realise that it was all just a dream ,
            A dream i thought i was living ..until today ..
          Is this when i look ahead , and search ,
            Search for that elusive bright spark that could light up today,
           Is this when i let go , of  all that i wanted,
            And start all over again ...
           Is this the time for a new beginning ,
            or Is it the end of everything that ever began ..?


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