aloque | 22/11/2004, 16:36 hrs

What do I do when I am asked to sacrifice the desire for perfection because people do not have the appreciation for it?


What do I do when I am asked to overlook my ideals because it is impossible to make a successful living if I live according to them.


Do I tell that someone to bugger off?


What if the someone is my dad?


I am not strong enough. Does that mean that I am a coward?


I am going to reserve judgement on that.

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Responses to Contemplation

  1. no...sometimes it is braver to not do smething potentially explosive....but after a point even the parents are people like all others.

  2. No, seriously... What happened to ALL the conversations we had last year about this one darn topic?

    You are a total waste of my tutoring skils.

    ento ee constant peeing around the same bush of principles.

    I expect you to hold onto them no matter what. Because that's better than the self flagellation which u WILL put yourself through if you short changed on your ideals.

    So there. Again. Aint I the sweetest?

  3. its gud to live for others but not at the xpense of ur true wot makes u happy the way u want to.dont limit ur priorities in order 2 fulfill others'xpectations.bcoz after all life is 2 live n live satisfactorily.therez no point in self-sacrifice (or the sacrifice of ur pesonal ideals)without the enrichment of ur soul....n u were bold enuf to admit dat u r not strong can dat b cowardice?? its juss dat u only need 2 fight the inner battle 2 unravel ur real strength...all the best!:)

  4. worrai...:)

    >:D< one big hug over to ya....imma incapable of advice n all dat..:p

  5. worraaii!
    Full kochchans wonly, nee abba.
    Charas. :-)

  6. i think i am going to go the drp way and just hug everyone in here...

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