aloque | 26/11/2004, 11:58 hrs

I don't know how many people feel like this, but sadness and depression seems so easy to put down into words. There is so much contemporary expression that stems from feelings of discontent, and so little from feelings of joy.


Is joy so hard to express? I am sure that there is no dearth of joy in the world, but there is a finite number of people who choose to spread it against the infinite entity that is unhappiness.


It is hard to affect people positively, but so easy to bring them down. If we cannot uplift, let us at least refrain from lowering.

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  1. Mighty Observation, and a good one at that !

    I fully agree with you.

    I also believe that this stems from our fundamentally selfish human nature, where we only want to talk about the bad stuff when we "share", as we dont want to have to deal with it alone.

    But when the good stuff happens, we want to keep it to ourselves.

  2. My dear skank, your name might represent certain obvious or not so obvious attributes of your personality but it certainly belies your intelligence...
    then again, if that is misconstrued as an insult, it might not...

  3. it is human nature but i think its not in human natrue to be innerested in joy, cos if someones sad you can always tyhink phew its not me. you also want reassurance and attention when sad so express it to get some.

  4. 'coz its damn difficult to write happy stuff. My levels of difficult---> funny - easy,
    sad - moderately easy,
    depressing - piece o' cake,
    thoughtprovoking - moderate,
    happy - fukk outta here! :D

    U can write happy stuff though of d few ppls whom i know who can write happy stuff... :D i hav nothin' deeper to add...:p

  5. You know what aloque, i dont think i understood any of what you wrote in the comment.

    Sorry, but double negatives do that to me.

  6. Hey Aloque, dude just outta curiosity did my empathy post give you a nudge to write this post?

  7. but do you not find immense joy in another's misery?
    maybe it's just me.

  8. I don't know aloque, but I think that it comes easier because when one feels miserable one hopes perhaps for something to lift your spirit, maybe implicitly from another person, maybe writing out what made you unhappy helps in dealing with it as when one phrases it one organises one's thought somehow. Perhaps sharing the misery is an implicit pleas for some sympathy that is hidden because one's pride doesn't allow to ask for it. But then again when one is happy, one sort of floats above things, so making time to write about it seems like a waste if the other option is to wallow in the happy feeling. :)

  9. made me grin like i've never grinned before.

    oh, btw. read the one on air deccan. oddly, i had a really good experience with that flight.

  10. been a long time since your last post, why the heck are you so quiet?

  11. AHA!!

    I knew I had come to the right place!! Lily's gone too!! :O

    Yo Lily! Why the disappearing act?! What is with FH Bloggers anyways I says! :-S

  12. drp, smiles, it's sort of uhmmm well it has a reason :)

  13. Well, what reason? At least we demand to be told that. Humph!

    Ohh and yes, seeing that this is Aloque's blog... Aloque post more.

  14. :O Et tu Brutus? You are asking for the reason when your own fantabulous blog went missing too???????

  15. Ok, ok. This is Aloque's blog. Let's just talk about him here, shall we?! :">

  16. hey..found u in blog world again! how u doing?mail sometime..

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