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Neurotron | 3 December 2004, 9:53am

Mine. Mine. Mine!

Rocking Neurotron's world since November 27th, 2004.

Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: Killing in the name of - RATM

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  1. 1. By Ravi  |  3 Dec 2004, 10:53am

    Damn! Dude! That looks good..... can you post pictures of your bike.... is it black??? Finally bought a Unicorn aye enjoy!

  2. 2. By Aran  |  3 Dec 2004, 11:34am

    Love-r-ly. :D

  3. 3. By Skank  |  3 Dec 2004, 11:52am

    Specs pls.

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  3 Dec 2004, 12:19pm

    ~Ravi: yup. black. Is there even another colour a bike should be?? ;-)
    This is pretty much how it looks. And full enjoyment only - rides like a dream. :-)

    ~Skank: full details avlbl at the website, but I'll give ya the basics.

    149.6 cc (more than Pulsar), 13.3 bhp (more than Pulsar), 5 gears, 13 litres (Pulsar 18). No electronic start, sadly, but can be attached.
    Higher torque than Pulsar. Beautiful mono-suspension, and very quiet engine. So if u want a roarer sound, this is probably not for u. But I love it!

  5. 5. By Neurotron  |  3 Dec 2004, 12:20pm

    ~Aran: innit just?? ;-) btw, left offliner for u. chk.

  6. 6. By tabrez  |  3 Dec 2004, 12:51pm

    what we basically have here is a honda cbz with a monoshock with more refinement and the torque has been tweeked a lil cuz of a change in the gear ratios. nonetheless enjoy!

  7. 7. By Neurotron  |  3 Dec 2004, 2:06pm

    ~tabrez: yeah, that's right. but wasnt cbz a 'hero' honda product?
    And it is precisely that lil tweaking and refinement here and there that makes it enjoyable. Plus, I don't think the CBZ gives such smooth engine performance, fuel effciency (thanks to the Unicorn's twin spark ignition and multimapping), and riding comfort, though the last parameter is largely based on individual preferences. :-)

  8. 8. By tabrez  |  3 Dec 2004, 3:30pm

    whats multimapping??

  9. 9. By drp  |  3 Dec 2004, 4:35pm

    right choice baby!!! :D :D :D


    way to go bmg!

  10. 10. By blur  |  3 Dec 2004, 8:28pm

    coool bike.....this is gonna sound so nerdy but get a helmet

  11. 11. By Neurotron  |  4 Dec 2004, 11:49am

    ~tabrez: Im no expert, but i think it's gotta do with the method and efficiency of fuel combustion in the cylinder. Help, Ravi?? :-D

  12. 12. By Neurotron  |  4 Dec 2004, 11:51am

    ~payne: heh heh. yup, totally.

    ~blur: yeah. :-) And I've always had a helmet - I think it's just dumb, on many levels, to drive without a helmet.

  13. 13. By Toeplitz  |  4 Dec 2004, 3:31pm

    The first time I read it, I spilled my coffee because I thought Neurotron said "twin spank ignition"!

  14. 14. By Ravi  |  5 Dec 2004, 9:56am

    You rang! Well I have no idea what that's supposed to mean man.....But I have tested the bike out n it feels much better than the CBZ and definitely is more fuel efficient than the CBZ and the Pulsar (kicking myself). It is as good as the pulsar in terms of pickup n stuff... much smoother sound. But I personally like a bit of roar in the pulsar engine. Overall a great bike. I'll actually be glad if it was the same engine... cause it has been tried n tested... very reliable. I've been havin a bit of trouble with the Pulsar.... but have been solved after the second service job.

  15. 15. By Neurotron  |  6 Dec 2004, 4:23pm

    ~Toeplitz: lol. wudnt that be nice?! Hee-ya! Giddyap types..

    ~Ravi: yeah on the smooooooth sound maan! I just LOVE the sound - Im not into roaring bikes anymore...there's just too much noise nowadays anyway. And the lack of engine noise really adds to the feeling of flying.. :-D And yeah, the specs are almost the same - it's just the expected engine quality from Honda. The wait was SO worth it...

  16. 16. By Ravi  |  7 Dec 2004, 5:28pm

    I miss my bike.... I wish I had it here in Viz would have been great to ride it on the beach road.....
    After getting used to listening to the engine of my CBR I feel the Pulsar is too quite.... he he crazy that's me...

  17. 17. By Neurotron  |  8 Dec 2004, 9:35am

    ~Ravi: yeah yeah..we ALL know abt your sexy Honda CBR by now..heh heh. Show off! :-D
    Damn, that must be one sexy babe to ride...ahhh.. getit getit! I want ride too...:-D I think I'm falling in love with Hondas.

  18. 18. By Girish Semwal  |  27 May 2005, 10:10am

    Kindly arrange to product catelogue of motorcycle in india and the dealers address

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