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6 Dec 2004

Yesterdays man!

Posted by Divakar in General | 9:12am

He watches her cry in despair,

he thought he had a tear to share,

he frowns and tries to cry,

with no emotions, his eyes go dry.

On the next path, he hears a frantic laughter,

wondered how it would sound,

if it was his alter.

He is the judge, he is the accused,

in his house of justice,

seems like the emotional turmoil,

charged him with no furthur notice.

Broken thoughts of the faded past,

is indeed a bliss,

no more is he the yesterday's man,

filled with  memories of the last kiss.

Current Mood: Happy
Current Music: REM-leaving New York

7 Comments | "Yesterdays man!" »

  1. By Jai

    6 Dec 2004, 10:12am [ Reply ]

    Wakar bhai.... whats happening again?

  2. By diva

    6 Dec 2004, 12:31pm [ Reply ]

    jai:kuch nahi bhai...havin a good time.

  3. By Anil

    6 Dec 2004, 3:32pm [ Reply ]

    Yeah the same question as Jai...whats happening? Why this all of a sudden?

  4. By diva

    7 Dec 2004, 8:05am [ Reply ]

    Anil: dude...nothin special man...kinda bored...thats it...havin a very long vacation..hehehe.

  5. By sita

    10 Dec 2004, 4:20pm [ Reply ]

    Hi. You're quite awesome yerself.

  6. By TheShrink

    11 Dec 2004, 10:57am [ Reply ]

    kya hua why so low all of a sudden...we need to chat up dude...i dont call myself the Shrink jus for nothing!!!!

  7. By diva

    13 Dec 2004, 5:37am [ Reply ]

    Sita:Hi there, thnx..still a long way to go.
    Shrink: Hey..we need 2 chat..been a while, dont worry, nothin's wrong, just a bit too bored..hope ur havin a good time there!!!

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