Love..a wonder or a blunder!

teja | 09/12/2004, 01:02 hrs

My first blog....just wanted to know if anybody understands love....everybody wants to be in love..but how many of us understands is universally accepted that love comes with suffering.

well mine feels good to suffer for something and the end result is in your favour..what if you slog hard....toil hard and you fail....what if you loved somebody truly...what if you really cared for her....sweet little things that you always did...sweet suprises that you always planned to give her ...what about the times you spent with her...what if she says "you have just bought me with gifts" and walks off... still goes on experience that leaves you getting nostalgic where ever you go....what ever you do.....still life goes on ....

what the fuck....i am talking crap .....


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Responses to Love..a wonder or a blunder!

  1. as u said.. yes life juss goes on...but not happily...the feeling still stays in ur heart n pricks n pains u all the bcomes difficult esp if one is very silent bt it even to ones own self....but after all i believe love is sacrifice.... n it may or maynot b pain....

  2. hehhhhe....welcome to fullhyd boy!!! so

  3. Visit NN

    Its ok d00d! as they say, shit happens.

    I went thro that period, terrible terrible period. But in the end came out stronger. Very much stronger.

    And no "itsme". It aint quiet like that... As they say time is the best healer.

    Even after all that shit which happened, I still say, its better to have loved and lost rather than not loved @ all...

    Cheer Up!!! :D

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