alright, the previous post was a lesson. a lesson in plagiarism, a lesson in stupidity, a lesson in boredom. n also a desperate attempt to keep this space alive. now i'm back to me blog. no reason to post, nothin much to say, a neat vacuum resoundin in my cranium right now. feels great, feels all light n woozy... ... "vacuum" reminds me of how my ACS lecturer spelt it - vacume...over n over again. busturd. spelling reminds me of this guy in 10th standard who spelt Geneva as Janiwa, very creative dude that guy. wonder if he's bloggin too now. now that would be one gross blog. gross, nice word. somebody around here told me that "gross" is spelt grouse, now that is gross. mispelling gross, gross mispelling i say.

back to gross, i do a lotta gross stuff. some really gross stuff. i'm kinda like Calvin, u know, with the whole mucus flinging bit n all. n now this blog shall be my log for all such nefarious activities. speakin of Calvin, d only resemblance is d grossosity(?), i do not hav an imaginary friend nor am i that intellectually blessed. nor am i 6 yrs old, not physically atleast. so all i am is an immature, crude dude. crude dude, should keep that in mind. enough of d digressing, i do have a point here. the point being the gross stuff i do and all the pointy things.

so d other day, dis dude came online...i told 'im i was poking me butt. now he had a problem wit dat. dunno why. i mean its perfectly naturally to poke ur ass n find ur way around, especially when done the right way. the right way would entail a lot of things though and there's no set "right way" for everyone. you simply have to find something which agrees with ur posterior end and you. for further assistance, please leave a comment. a free online coaching manual and bundled software shall be sent to u. multimedia n all dat. trust me. when we talk abt poking, it gets me to onto diggin noses now. this is not something i think i'm too specialised in but i do do a pretty decent job at it (rotfl! i jus said "do do"!!). this one is also very easy, no special skills required. just stick ur finger in there and go for it. its great when u hit the really big chunks, feels like you've hit paydirt! with emphasis on dirt... :p the tough part lies in getting rid of the damn jus sticks to your finger, NOT willing to let go..bluddy tough it is...the only way is to either rub ur finger against a surface, preferably hidden. or you could simply shake ur finger, this has its inherent problems...there have been incidents reported where the booger has landed onto innocent bystanders, unbeknownest to them that is. so please to note, follow the first way.

lastly, to wrap up this neat blog on my fav gross bodily actions, lemme talk about peeling skin. this, by far, is the best. simply because of the pain involved and also the clinical precision with which i get to neatly rearrange the contours on me fingers. the skin i'm talkin bout here is the skin around me nails. the longest peel i've pulled off is around 1.2" (i ate it before i could measure it). and obviously in addition to all the obvious  pleasures to be obtained from this method, there is also the bonus of eating up the skin peeled off. amazing reward it is for the hard work put in to extract the skin. i do this quite a lot.

2:30AM now. as u can see i'm bored. i'm also confused. wonderin if i bit much more than i could dig into....:-| had too many things lined up for this week, none of which i've done justice to. sad this is. i need to be more responsible and stricter on my time-management. [-x @ me. bad job.


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