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11 Dec 2004


Posted by Pye in Poetry | 12:44am

A handful of stars
tied with a rainbow
Dropped into my lap one day
I forgot the scars
my world aglow
With a piece of a sun's ray.


Felt like cheering myself up a little.

Current Mood: Happy
Current Music: Badi nazuk hai ye manzil

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  1. By fallen angel

    11 Dec 2004, 1:44am [ Reply ]

    This is why I keep telling you to bring her back. She ain't that bad, is she?

    and neither are you. bitch.

  2. By Pye

    11 Dec 2004, 2:11am [ Reply ]


  3. By Lily

    11 Dec 2004, 2:20am [ Reply ]

    smiles, something optimistic and happy for pye at last (>:D

  4. By Stupendous Man

    11 Dec 2004, 9:11am [ Reply ]

    nice, dear. really nice.
    long time. you're like a hidden sun ray..sometimes.

  5. By drp

    11 Dec 2004, 6:34pm [ Reply ]

    nice post n all..

    but honestly, what is UP with the choice of music already?! 8-}

    no wonder u write so well....d bluddy music leaves u wit no choice but to come up wit good compositions of ur own! :| :D

  6. By Anil

    11 Dec 2004, 8:14pm [ Reply ]

    To put it simply beautiful...you just created this wonderfully delicate image in my mind with your words....especially the first three lines are so damn exquisite...had to read them over and over again to touch the beauty in them!

  7. By Pye

    13 Dec 2004, 12:13am [ Reply ]

    Anil, thank you. Your comment made me feel I succeeded. Word-images are all that we want. Thank you. :)

    drp, I am all crazy like that. And you mean I write cos of the music? :o No music, no writing? :o

    Stupe Man, thank you. And other times? :)

    Lily, I'm not that bad really. :D

  8. By mls

    13 Dec 2004, 10:56am [ Reply ]

    A cheerful note!
    At last :)

  9. By Pye

    14 Dec 2004, 2:01pm [ Reply ]

    mls, I thought you'd like the optimistic thing especially. :)

  10. By blur

    22 Dec 2004, 3:10am [ Reply ]

    really liked it.... yeah I wanted to tell you this since a while....I really really really liked your "bits of you" post. It is one of the best i read.

  11. By Pye

    24 Dec 2004, 5:12am [ Reply ]

    Blur, thank you. I like that one a lot too. It's something special.

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