Overcome by a feeling of awe and ecstacy all at the same time. I know most of you will be like "wtf!!!", but yeah this is me. The Lion King has just wrapped up on showtime on drp's PC and my god! This is what movies are all about, correction : This is what Disney movies are all about. "Remember Simba...Remember who you are...be true to yourself...learn to ogle at the hot chics without being obvious" i mean...WOW!!!(one of those is fake...find it)  Cried 3 whole times during the movie...ofcourse WHY i'm watchin a movie 10hrs before my JMET is another thing altogether! But c'moooon this is LION KING we're talking about! and when its a downloaded version, even better!!!  So there, Simba was born, simba played around with nala, sang a song, simba was a bad boy, scar sings, simba was set up by scar, mufasa died, simba was dumb n left priderock, met up with pumba n timon(wassa!!), sang more songs, nala returns(for a lioness thats one hot chic), simba is faced with a conflict in his inner self - confusion as to what he truly is(so much like me :-" ), simba keeps runnin away from the truth, rafiki knocks sense into his mind, SIMBA RETURNS!!, BIG FIGHT!!!, scar is eaten by the hyenas(wassa!!), SIMBA RULES PRIDEROCK!!, simba n nala do it(in the uncut NG version), new baby lion cub born, circle of life plays again, drp is awed. There you go, a contemporary classic in a nutshell, my style. :D  Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome movie. and that too all of 83 minutes - including the songs!!! How much better can it get! :D

Now off to sleep and onto JMET for 2mro morning!!



PS : wtf = what the fuck. NG = National Geographic. drp = d_royal_pain. dipshit = you for even reading this.

PPS : Quote for the night - Don't believe what people say, geese fly south for the hot mexican chicks! hahahahhahhaha!!!

PPPS : i missed impulsive posts like this one...:p


Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: Lion King OST - Circle of Life(African Vocals ke saath) aaaaa shibanya..shibalo..SHIJJUM! banya haa..banya haaa!