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Jasz "The Spammer" A | 11/05/2004, 13:38 hrs

New blog. Old introduction

Blah Blah life sucks. Why me nonsense nonsense.

Rabble rabble society, rant rant system

I Me Myself Muah Nenu Mujhe Mereko Naadi

All the silly blog formalities aside, let me get to making my point. What started out as a beautiful way to communicate, a spiffy way to tell people about your opinions and feelings - has been done to death. With all the people whining and crying about their personal life, the magic and power of the blog has been reduced to yet another bitching session about life. Do we have to know about you girlfriend ditching ya? Do we have to know about you breaking your toe-nail? Why do I care if your damn lipstick can talk and tastes like apple?

What started out as another way to “stick it to the man” has lost it’s purpose with a generation of whiners crying their eyes out and sprinkling it with comedy. Bad comedy in most cases.

Another grudge I have against the bloggers is the pretentiousness that oozes from their writing. They seem to be suggesting that people like them deserve better and they were given a raw deal. What happened to the days of mindless banter much like what you are reading. Watch and learn people. Amateurs sometimes make the best hacks. Look at QT.

Alright that was blasphemous but I had to talk about QT to be able to change the topic and point to the last link on the right side of your screen.

Back to my banter, I wish people would write something that made us feel good. Not just gave us laughs but gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. All this cynical black comedy is not what I want. If you want to get ME (Houston, The Ego has landed) interested in your blog, write about something that makes you feel human. Something that gives hope and reminds us of times when we were genuinely happy. Why remind us of times when we went through the same pain?

One such feel good blog that I came across today is http://ohzone.fullhydblogs.com/

Read it. Think about it. You surely will have gained more from it than reading about broken nails and tasty lipstick

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  1. On the spot mate!

  2. really, darling, who cares whether or not you read their blog? if you don't like a blogger, don't go back to the site. but enough of the complaining, already. no one's going to change around their blog to uplift your spirit. deal with it. and write more, if you can. you're interesting sometimes.

  3. whoa!!...a personal attack on my long-standin crush??! :O :O
    how dare u!!...i shall take on ur big-boned self wit all my powah!!..grrrrrrrr

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