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Neurotron | 15 December 2004, 6:51pm

In my opinion, whoever said “money can’t buy happiness” was a moron.

Of course it can! Do you see anyone handing out Belgian liqueur chocolates for free?? At least for me, many many of the things that make me happy cost friggin’ money, dammit. Ok, in its defence, maybe the underlying meaning of the statement was that you don’t need money to be happy, which I don’t argue with. And conversely, having money doesn’t guarantee happiness.

The secret, maybe, lies in being satisfied with what you can buy. Happiness is to be found in satisfaction. When the buying power leads to greed in the money-happiness balance is when one is doomed never to find either – no happiness and never enough money.

But don’t give me this money can’t buy happiness bollocks – that’s just the Defence of the Sour-Grapes Dipshit.

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Current Music: Money - Pink Floyd (my ringtone!)

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  1. 1. By diva  |  15 Dec 2004, 7:51pm

    "take ur hand of my sack"....well, it can really buy almost anythin dude....everything.

  2. 2. By whg  |  19 Dec 2004, 1:28pm

    oh hell money can buy happiness..maybe not all forms of happiness 8-|

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