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19 Dec 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 8:41pm

I try really hard not to put up stuff that I deal with at work.primarily because it's a way of preventing me of agonising some more about stuff that I already agonise about constantly. But i just read a colleague's blog and he was angsty about the same stuff! So, i am not alone.

Things I hated in the past week:

-The DPS MMS that got circulated all over town. In fact I had heard the story much before the media got wind of it - I was hoping the hounddogs wouldnt get a sniff of it - they did. It's all over the place.

- The Shahid -kareeena Kiss: One thing for celebrities to be stupid, another for the media to be stupid. So they kissed, fine! So, they were stupid enuff to do it in public -knowing fully well people would want  a piece of their ass! But the way both kids reacted was even more stupid! They should have just not reacted - just not bat an eyelid and say 'yeah, we kissed- IN PUBLIC- Big deal!'. The matter would have R.I.P'ed immediately. Kareena was waliling on the phone " hum kapoor khandaan ke hai - yeh sab nahin hota hai". yes, the storks bring in the kapur babies, of course! dumb blonde!

i think the media just went overboard with the Kiss. Fine, for tabloid print jounos - but TV? kids are wathcing this shit (but then kids are also watching pop tart Britney lock lips with Nympho mama Madonna!) so much for the Pope and TV!!!

And yeah - we love to see SEX on Tv - in any form - Kiss, blow job, Ex Miss.jammu's having sex with fat hairy men who look like salamanders. So what if the visuals are blurred and edited - we still like to see them!!

And we like to live in denial - Kids having sex in schools (Agonised parents on The Big Fight-NDTV -" of course not!!!" Kids on Tv " Of course we're not bonking about") - why can't we be more open about the fact that the society is in a transition period and more things are happening now in kids lives far earlier than before! Why can't we talk about it -address the issue - instead of choosing to conceal it? How long did that ostritch survive with it's head in the sand?  whats wrong with sex? fine, I would freak if my kid was screwing about at 16 - but I would make sure He/She knew about it - I wouldnt turn away and say " here, meet the Virgin Godmother!"

It's not a perfect world - everything is changing. We might not agree with things that happen around us. However it is important for us to question, ask and debate.It's important for us to accomadate change and allow transitions -But I personally think it's very important for us not to live in denial - look around - its a whole new world. dont deny yourself the chance to stick your head out for stuff you want answered - hey who just wants to be a sheep - herded about?

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  1. By Sita

    19 Dec 2004, 9:41pm [ Reply ]

    You forgot! You forgot!
    The MMS that was auctioned by baazee.. as if that wasn't dumb enough, the TV guys are airing them.
    Looks like the MMS is doing quite fine eh?

  2. By Andhroid

    20 Dec 2004, 3:09am [ Reply ]

    Why do people make such a big deal outta a girl suckin her bf or a starlet liplocked with her bf? It isnt as if we are one billion without people having sex! Make the damn porn legal, it will atleast earn tax.

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